19 Aug2014



We tested dozens and dozens of seafood dishes before we came up with our initial menu for Zubudagat.

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17 Aug2014



Without a doubt, the best Kalderetang Kambing I have ever cooked or tasted.

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13 Aug2014

E. Murio Private Sale

by Marketman

EMI sale 2014.08

Mrs. MM and I are fond of E. Murio furniture and other pieces — beautifully designed and crafted, locally manufactured, and reasonably priced when you get them on sale.

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12 Aug2014



Imagine the energy expended over five grueling hours of swimming, biking and running, the exhilaration of finally crossing the finish line, and the chest swelling with pride when this medal was hung on your neck. That is what every finisher at the Ironman 2014 Race in Cebu experienced. I didn’t want to say anything… but this is what the medal looks like. :)

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11 Aug2014


Bravo to the folks at Jeepney!

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07 Aug2014



We were in Cebu for this year’s Ironman Race, not because we were in it, but because we had to feed some of the hordes of participants that were swarming the island of Mactan for several days before and after the race.

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29 Jul2014



If there’s one thing I really enjoy facilitating or enabling, it is to take folks who have never/rarely ever been abroad on their first trip that requires a passport.

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28 Jul2014



I think most people in Cebu would associate the soup “linarang” with a a soup from stalls near the Pasil seafood market in the wee hours of the morning that is made with large or small eel and or other fish.

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