26 Jan2015

Fig “Salami”

by Marketman


I was clearing out and sorting through old magazines and chanced upon a seven-year-old magazine called “Dish” from New Zealand that had an interesting recipe for a fig “salami”…

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24 Jan2015



I make a lot of things from scratch.

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22 Jan2015



Yes, you can overdo it. :)

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16 Jan2015



Question: “Marketman, how do you hang your frames?”

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16 Jan2015



Reader and commenter Greens & Blossoms was one of the guests to the mini-eyeball at the beach a few months back.

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15 Jan2015


At dinner a few days ago, a foreign friend whose family has had ties to our country for over 200 years, and who has reason to be in Binondo and downtown Manila fairly often, mentioned something that really made Mrs. MM and I cringe… In effect, he said “I have never seen downtown Manila streets so clean, there isn’t a shred of garbage, there is so much repainting going on, there is so much stuff cleared away, IT LOOKS INCREDIBLY GOOD. AMAZING. FANTASTIC. But why did they do it? For a visiting WHITE GUY. Why can’t you do it for […]

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15 Jan2015



Believe it or not, no one has nailed the cost of the three arrangements I put up in the post the other day, but some folks are close.

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15 Jan2015



Another leftover dish that was as good as the duck the first time around…

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