24 Apr2014



It’s always a bit amusing to come across ginormous citron at my suki Mary’s vegetable stall at the FTI market on Saturdays.

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24 Apr2014



It sounds wacky, but all I can say is “don’t knock it till you’ve tried it”

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23 Apr2014



We finally got to use the new barbecue grill/station we had constructed at the beach and it worked brilliantly!

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23 Apr2014



We enjoyed those nice cassava crackers I wrote about here so much, I regretted not buying more than one pack of 50 sheets.

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22 Apr2014



The inspiration was a dish I enjoyed immensely at Gerarda’s in Tagbilaran, Bohol, a couple of weeks ago.

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21 Apr2014



Just a quick post to toot my own horn and let you know I am in the April issue of Appetite Magazine.

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21 Apr2014



Boholano/Cebuano “tortas” are just one of those enigmas I have not been able to resolve over the nearly 10 years of writing this blog.

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20 Apr2014



Version 1 of Sinaing na Tulingan was done in a palayok (traditional clay pot), in an attempt to do it as “authentically” as possible.

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