01 Feb2015

Pinipig vs. Pinipig…

by Marketman


On the left, what I typically refer to as pinipig.

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01 Feb2015



I know, old-timers will think I am obsessed with citrus sex.

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31 Jan2015



I purchased these succulents about three weeks ago, and I have been slightly obsessed with “keeping them happy”… :)

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30 Jan2015


If you would like a trip for two including roundtrip airfare, modest hotel and meals at Zubuchon, all you have to do is put in an entry at the new Zubuchon.com website. The last time I checked you have a better than 1 in 100 chance of winning a trip valued at well over PHP15,000! Entries accepted until January 31, 2015! So hurry! :)

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30 Jan2015



Yes, shrimp/prawns are graded by size.

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26 Jan2015

Fig “Salami”

by Marketman


I was clearing out and sorting through old magazines and chanced upon a seven-year-old magazine called “Dish” from New Zealand that had an interesting recipe for a fig “salami”…

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24 Jan2015



I make a lot of things from scratch.

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22 Jan2015



Yes, you can overdo it. :)

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