19 Nov2015


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The travel posts that follow are from a previous trip to London that I never wrote about. It just so happened to be exactly a year ago, so the pre-Christmas aspects of that trip slot nicely into this current timeframe.

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17 Nov2015


by Marketman

We were on tenterhooks for the past two weeks as over 1,000 flights were cancelled in/out of Manila due to the APEC meeting. And we were originally scheduled to depart late today, when just about every single foreign President/Prime Minister or Head of State was scheduled to touch down, but the airline just moved our flight to past midnight tonight, when there is a lull in activity at the airport. And we hope to still make all of our connections with sufficient leeway. But in the stress leading up to the flight, Mrs. MM discovered this fascinating website, where you can literally see every commercial flight over Manila and the rest of the world… It is AMAZING. And during the day today, it was amazing how few planes were in Philippine airspace, compared with say, Hong Kong nearby. Check it out for the travel/airline geek in you. FASCINATING and in real time. :)

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17 Nov2015

What?! A Backpack?!!

by Marketman

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I am one of those folks that travel with more traditional “hand carry” or “overnight” bags. I don’t like the practical roll-on bags (though I do own one) and would rather hassle with a proper bag filled with proper travel goodies. It’s just a thing. See an old post on the matter, here. Having said that, I admit to having some of the whackiest stuff INSIDE my luggage, here. And perhaps the most I have ever transported/sent from one trip really did go over the top when we reached roughly half a ton of materiel, here. Over the years, readers have reacted to themed sprees like these ones on shoes/sandals from Florence, New York, Marrakech, Madrid, Athens and Barcelona. But recent trips haven’t been about things, but rather, just new experiences. So we are heading out on a little adventure to Bond country. It’s a place neither Mrs. MM nor I have ever been. And we will be there for just a few days, a detour on our way to seeing our daughter and family for Thanksgiving in New York. And yes, I am lugging a backpack, because, well, it just seems more “Bond” at the moment. I just hope they don’t plant any bullets on me in the Manila airport. Hahaha. My current survey to the right gives you 8 possible locations, care to register a guess? :)

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16 Nov2015


I was on hiatus. And as the days and weeks passed, it seemed easier not to get back to the blog and post one of the many entries I have photos and material for… I have recently felt that social media has gone just a bit too far, and my instagram posts of food (along with those of billions of others) just reduce things to a millisecond of attention, rather than the longer posts more common on the blog. I feel we all have such shortened attention spans, and while it’s nice to have everything so instant, I wonder about the lack of depth. At any rate, I was mulling all this when I got the following email from the daughter of long-time reader/commenter “Silly Lolo”…

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26 Oct2015

Fall Centerpiece

by Marketman

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Roughly PHP500 or USD11 and it will last you up to a month!

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25 Oct2015



We were recently in Hong Kong for a couple of days.

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18 Oct2015


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Plans started several months ago.

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15 Oct2015



This is the reason the blog has been so quiet of late.

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