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A Simple Mangosteen Jam Pound Cake a la Marketman

25 Apr, 2011

The inspiration was a simple pound cake recipe with cherry jam filling that appeared in the December 2010 issue of La Cucina Italiana magazine. It was picture perfect, with a perfect shot of the cherry jam suspended in the pound cake in the photographed cross section. Having baked enough before, I immediately…

Fresh Mango & Pecan Cake

17 Mar, 2011

A light buttery batter studded with ripe mangoes, tasty pecans and sweet cinnamon sugar… Yum. This was incredibly quick and easy to make. Totally worth the minimal effort. We had an abundance of ripening mangoes and some leftover pecans from the holiday season so this was a perfect use of the…

Mango Ice Cream a la Marketman

15 Apr, 2008

We were so thrilled with the results of our Barako and Mangosteen ice cream, not to mention the earlier attempts at mango sorbet and blackberry/mango popsicles, that we decided to make a huge batch of creamy and fruity mango ice cream. I simply followed the recipe for peach ice cream in the instruction…

Mango & Broas Trifle a la Marketman

11 Apr, 2008

This is not a fancy recipe. In fact, it would fall into my “vacuum cleaner” category… which means I was watching the contents of our fridge during a long holiday, looking out for ingredients which may not find a use or be consumed, so I came up with this very loose relation to…

Mangosteen at Kapeng Barako Sorbetes / Mangosteen & Barako Ice Cream a la Marketman

09 Apr, 2008

I would be extremely proud to serve this ice cream to visiting royalty, heads of state, chefs and ice cream aficionados, my family, good friends and marketmanila readers. Yes, it was THAT GOOD. Every so often over the course of this blog, I have come across or made a dish that was…

Mango Sorbet a la Marketman

02 Apr, 2008

This is one of the simplest frozen desserts I have ever made. And it was delicious. But it was, in fact, quite ICY and not as SMOOTH and CREAMY as I like. And I attribute this icyness to the crappy small sorbet maker that I bought on sale last year. …

Maiden Attempt at Mango Chutney

04 May, 2007

We purchased roughly 30 kilos, yes, that reads thirty kilos of “Indian mangoes” on the roadside in Batangas, a couple of weeks ago. It was the height of the harvest for these smaller and less tart mangoes that I once saw my sister turn into terrific mango chutney that we enjoyed for months…

Mango Jam (Version 1.0) a la Marketman

10 Mar, 2007

This is attempt number one. It tastes very good. But it is not the jam I was striving for yet. Will keep at it. Inspired by the cover story on Food magazine by Chef Chris Bautista on jams, and a recent discovery that we may have several bijillions of mangoes on…


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