12 Nov2011

100 Villa Nights…

by Marketman

A good friend of ours, the person who first egged me on to start this blog and who bought the domain name www.marketmanila.com as a Christmas present seven years ago, is now into villas. Gorgeous luxury villas in Bali and several other locations… Their company is giving away 100 free nights at 30 different villas! Click on this link if you want to join the contest. I suppose joining will put you on their mailing list, but then again, if you are seriously in the market for a villa rental, wouldn’t you want to hear about the best deals? And if you win, all they ask for is a detailed review of your stay in their villas. Not a bad deal at all. So do me a favor and help me return a favor and check out the contest and their website www.thevillaguide.com. Thanks.


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