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Daing na Dulong / Dried Anchovy Fry

22 Mar, 2005

Dulong or Anchovy fry (Gobiopterus lacustis? or Family Engraulidae?) are part of a very large group of different species of gobies or anchovies. Tiny fish that can rest on your smallest fingertips, these little morsels of flavor and protein are either served totally raw, cooked in vinegar (kinilaw style), cooked in banana leaves,…

Ham, Egg Salad & Asparagus Sandwich a la Marketman

21 Mar, 2005

Following the Easter Egg morning (see previous post), we had lots of hard boiled eggs. So I made an egg salad by chopping up the boiled eggs and adding some bottled mayonnaise, mustard, salt and pepper. If you like some crunch a little chopped celery or fennel would be a good addition….

Easter Eggs

20 Mar, 2005

It’s about a week to Easter for those who celebrate this holiday. While the traditional foods of Easter such as lamb, ham, etc. are an interesting subject, this post is about a more colorful tradition in our house… coloring Easter eggs. It never ceases to amaze me how many people roll their…

Where is the Change? / Dead Meat Rant

19 Mar, 2005

Has candy really been declared legal tender in the Philippines? Has our money lost so much value that we can’t afford the aluminum to fabricate more coins? Have you ever noticed that many local stores simply never have any change (bills and coins) on hand? This is one of my pet…

Herbana Farms / Salcedo Saturday Market

18 Mar, 2005

Gil Carandang has some of the most interesting and earnest organically raised herbs, fruits and vegetables in the Saturday Salcedo Market. Lately, his stall has been marked by a pail of stunning wild flowers out front that have the purest and most vibrant color nature has to offer. Gil and the weekend…

Tambis / Makopa / Curacao or Malay Apple

18 Mar, 2005

Makopa and Makopang Kalabaw (Syzygium samarangense and Syzygium malaccensis) are reaching their peak just about now! Another sign that Summer is here (besides schools being on holiday, lighter traffic and a rising mercury) is the arrival of a brief but impressive explosion of makopa. Our neighbor across the street has a…

Ulang / Giant Freshwater Shrimp

17 Mar, 2005

Ulang or Giant Freshwater Shrimp (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) used to thrive in several rivers and waterways throughout the Philippines. They needed unsullied fresh water or somewhat brackish (part salt, part fresh water) conditions to thrive in the wild. In the last few decades they became rarer and rarer from natural sources as our…

Fennel & Citrus Salad a la Marketman

16 Mar, 2005

This is my version of what is generally viewed to be a classic Italian pairing of fennel and oranges. This salad is extremely easy to make and an excellent match for seafood dishes such as grilled fish or a steamed lobster or even a fried crab cake. It is simple, sophisticated and…


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