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Corn Meal, Bogo Market

30 Apr, 2008

Cebuanos consume quite a bit of corn. I suspect that is because there wasn’t much rice grown on the island, so to supplement rice which was “imported” from other islands in the archipelago, locals turned to corn during difficult times and eventually it became a natural part of their diet. They had…

Hand-Rolled Cigarettes, Duhat Leaves and Tobacco

30 Apr, 2008

I don’t smoke. But I stopped in my tracks at the Bogo market when I passed by a stall with bunches of whole dried tobacco leaves and what looked like pre-made cigarette wrappers which nearly the color of the tobacco and not white or pale like commercial cigarettes… An older lady, who…

Guinamos Sinabado / Salted & Fermenting Baby Anchovy Sauce

29 Apr, 2008

My father was a HUGE fan of guinamos, all manner of small fish (sometimes shrimp), mixed with salt, and allowed to rot to the desired level of pungency. It was the color of death, and death in a bad way, or at least I always thought so as a squeamish kid, but was…


29 Apr, 2008

I found these unusual, frilly light and tasty seaweeds at the Bogo market. Didn’t catch the appropriate local name (had no ballpen) but they seemed to lump them all together with other seaweeds such as guso and lato. If I am not mistaken it was something like “saang bulaklak” and they said…

Philippine Blog Awards 2008

28 Apr, 2008

Nominations for the Philippine Blog Awards 2008 are now being accepted. The Awards Ceremony is tentatively scheduled for July 2008. It is a bit awkward for me to write a post about these awards, as obviously, I would highly appreciate it if were nominated for an award or two or three,…

Lukot / Sea Hare Secretions

28 Apr, 2008

They looked like really cool noodles, and in varying shades of green. Sort of like sea soba. But lukot, a Visayan ingredient, is something that I had NEVER seen before. So I asked the vendor at the Bogo market what it was… They smiled and said it was sea cucumber…

Breakfast at the Bogo Market

27 Apr, 2008

Fresh and simple = incredibly satisfying. Our stomachs were grumbling after an early morning start and drive from Cebu City to Bogo, and seeing all the spectacular seafood at the market was really making matters worse… Then I turned a corner and spied this tindera’s (saleslady’s) simple breakfast and I nearly offered to…

Bogo Market, Northern Cebu

26 Apr, 2008

Now this is FRESH. In stark contrast to the fish in the previous post from The Pasil Market, all you have to do is take a look at these photos to realize the quality of seafood at the Bogo market was far superior to the large wholesale market in downtown Cebu. Bogo is…


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