25 Nov2007


This is probably the BEST Christmas gift value I will find this holiday season. A small, fully decorated, fragrant, real gingerbread house that is nicely wrapped for just PHP249. I did a double then a triple take at S&R Fort Bonifacio yesterday when I saw these. They are the perfect gift for a young kid or a family with kids. If you open up the wrapper, the scent is holiday nice and the house is thoughtfully executed. They use a lot of colorful icing and a little bit of candy. I make fairly elaborate gingerbread houses each Christmas but they do entail a lot of work. There is absolutely no way I would make this type of house for PHP249. They will or should be a bestseller. I bought several to give away and that is the only reason I am writing about them here, so you can go polish off the rest before everyone else in Manila hears about them. They won’t last long. They are an INCREDIBLE value for money. My only complaint? The bloody large sticker they use and put right in front of the house ripped a hole in the cellophane when I tried to remove it. I wish they would put the sticker underneath or something… A similar tree would sell for easily 3-4x more at a hotel bakeshop. Look for them at the bakery section of S&R.



  1. dizzy says:

    oh no, not another sticker! hehehe
    btw, what is the shelf life of a gingerbread house? when you purchase one, should you send it right away to the recipient?

    Nov 25, 2007 | 12:12 pm


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  3. betty q. says:

    For dizzy…I used to work at a European Pastry Shop years ago here in Vancouver where we made lots of those houses and stollen…As long as you keep the gingerbread house away from draft and in its original packaging (so as not to absorb moisture), it should last for about 4 to 6 weeks…So, keeping this in mind, you could buy those houses now since they are a real bargain and hand them ovet to your friends in a few weeks…I hope this helps!

    Nov 25, 2007 | 12:36 pm

  4. shalimar says:

    am planning to make one and buying a real tree.. i wonder if the tree would last us in the bahamas….

    Nov 25, 2007 | 12:43 pm

  5. Marketman says:

    shalimar, if it lasts in Manila, it should do okay in the Bahamas… dizzy, our Gingerbread houses last up to two months, so it’s safe to buy them now…

    Nov 25, 2007 | 1:17 pm

  6. dizzy says:

    thanks betty q. and Mr. MM!

    Nov 25, 2007 | 2:48 pm

  7. ca says:

    Wow! I think Php249 is a bargain!

    Won’t the gingerbread house be an ant ‘magnet’? We have lots of ant at home.. even in our bedrooms (we don’t even bring food inside)!

    Thanks for this post Mr. MM! :)

    Nov 25, 2007 | 3:50 pm

  8. chick says:

    that’s really a bargain :D

    Nov 25, 2007 | 8:32 pm

  9. Ann says:

    that is a bargain. I just bought a ready to assemble gingerbread house by wilton at michaels for $7.99.

    Nov 25, 2007 | 9:29 pm

  10. Nicole says:

    i saw them at S&R alabang and i did a double take at the price too. i was planning on making one for my family but after i saw this i scratched that idea.

    Nov 25, 2007 | 10:21 pm

  11. dhayL says:

    Very well priced indeed! The kids will surely love to receive gifts like this one!

    Nov 26, 2007 | 2:21 am

  12. Marketman says:

    ca, for some reason, our gingerbread houses have never attracted ants (and we have them). I think it is the spices and or outrageously sweet icing that turns them off.

    Nov 26, 2007 | 6:58 am

  13. ca says:

    Thanks for the reply Mr. MM! If that’s the case.. we just might get one! :)

    Whenever i read your gingerbread house posts, I would get so inspired to make one. Just like Nicole, was planning on making a small gingerbread house from scratch but reading your notes about all the work it would entail to make one daunts me! hihihi..

    I am a patient and meticulous person but the problem is.. I am the only one who’d be willing to do it.. no one else from my siblings would be kind enough to help me! hahaha! =D

    Nov 26, 2007 | 8:59 am

  14. Blaise says:

    P 249?? I saw a similar ginger bread house, about as big as the monitor of my PC, at a stall of Shangri-La Makati in Glorietta yesterday, and it was a whopping P 1,500.00.

    Nov 26, 2007 | 9:34 am

  15. filet minion says:

    so does that mean you won’t be making anymore gingerbread houses this year and will just hoarde the ones in s&r to distribute to the children’s wards in hospitals?

    on an unrelated note:
    mm, lil brown book lady already texted the pick-up point for this saturday and/or next sat in taguig. by some miraculous chance, would you also happen to be there? i’m sorry i wasn’t able to give my contribution last week, was out of town. it doesn’t matter if there are no more shirts left. but you still accepting donations? if yes, how can we remit? sorry i know 2k is too little for the hassle, but let me know if i can drop it off somewhere or even at your house or something (and i swear i won’t share the info to your fans/possible stalkers/ emilalva/ fish lady)

    Nov 26, 2007 | 10:01 am

  16. shalimar says:

    well we have discussed making one or getting it from williams sonoma
    but I told my crew we better have our own… as for the tree everybody wants a real one and we are sche to leave dec 15th… and we already got cd AM DREAMING OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS

    Nov 26, 2007 | 11:46 am

  17. Marketman says:

    filet minion, just about to announce that the two saturday pick ups will also include the shirts… stay tuned. And thanks!

    Nov 26, 2007 | 3:46 pm

  18. 4btiddy says:

    I just bought a gingerbread house kit from Trader Joe’s for $6.99 and can’t wait to set it up with my kids. They are really excited!

    Do any of you actually end up eating your gingerbread houses? or are they purely for display purposes?

    Nov 26, 2007 | 3:53 pm

  19. alicia says:

    What would I do without Market Manila? Ran to S &R today to pick up a few houses for some holiday Christmas parties! What a bargain! Thanks for the tip.

    Nov 26, 2007 | 5:28 pm

  20. joonie says:

    Goldilocks has a do-it-yourself kit, too. Saw them last year. Not sure if they are selling them this year. I do remember the price being good. Just not quite sure how much it went for.

    Nov 26, 2007 | 8:33 pm

  21. Maria Clara says:

    For that price it is a steal – a giveaway price – no prep and cleaning involved!

    Nov 27, 2007 | 1:11 am

  22. julius says:

    i heard the price will increase to 299 soon as it is an introductory price. but at 299 its still a steal. hopefully it doesnt get over that.

    Nov 27, 2007 | 3:10 pm

  23. suzette says:

    i got one today. it’s so cute and cheap too! my question- do you eat your gingerbread house?

    Nov 27, 2007 | 8:31 pm

  24. Marketman says:

    suzette, in theory, you can eat a gingerbread house. In practice, we don’t as we leave it out on display for up to 2 months, sometimes. The Kid likes to pick candy off of it… and other friends might nibble at a bit of the dough, but we generally don’t eat the vast majority of it.

    Nov 27, 2007 | 8:41 pm

  25. suzette says:

    my 5 year old daughter asked me today if our gingerbread house was made by marketman coz she saw it on your posts… hahaha lol

    Nov 28, 2007 | 10:23 pm

  26. sonny sj says:

    Last week or so, Mandarin Oriental put up a life size gingerbread house at the second floor of Gateway Mall. It is actually a stall that sells, whatelse, but gingerbread houses, plus fruitcakes and other Christmas goodies.

    Nov 29, 2007 | 11:28 am

  27. Ayra says:

    Hello, is this still available? I can’t think of something to get for my friends this Christmas, and surely they’ll love this. I hope it’s still available. Or do you know where else I could buy? Hhe. Thanks :)

    Oct 27, 2009 | 7:04 pm


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