09 Feb2007

Junk email is horrific. But other than filters and other such screens, which are somewhat helpful, there isn’t much you can do. And you certainly don’t want to respond to one lest your email address is now definitely in their “there is a live person there” list. You would think the global internet police would finally do something about it like make it so difficult for any server company that hosts spammers to ever get a legitimate message out..but then again, technology is so quick these days.

But almost worse than junk emails, which are incredibly fast and furious these days, are the increasing amount of junk text messages that I am receiving on my cell phone these days. And these aren’t just the dopey you have won money texts, but more legitimate sounding loans from Standard Chartered Bank, or those from Chinatrust Bank, etc. Last night I got another one of these annoying junk texts:

“Hello there! This is Cecille from Chinatrust Commercial Bank. We wud like to offer u our personal loan called Salary Stretch. U can borrow frm 30k to 1M for as low as 1.39% interest rate. If u r interested, pls feel free to reply ur contact details. We look forward to having business w u. Thank you.”

And just annoyed with the world at that moment, I responded with this text:

“May you and all of your junk text ilk be infested by the fleas of a thousand camels, including your nether regions! I shall take YOUR contact details and have sharp pins thrust into you by a voodoo practicioner!”

Yes, it made me feel better.



  1. Maria Clara says:

    They are indeed annoying and irritating. They are like cancer cells they grow so fast. I like your response – it is a knock out punch right down the belly button with great humor.

    Feb 9, 2007 | 9:10 am


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  3. lee says:

    nice reply

    Feb 9, 2007 | 9:16 am

  4. joy says:

    beware such text messages though… becuase if there is PHISING on the net, I suspect thsi might be it’s text equivalent…

    excellent response though…

    now if you share that local voodoo practitioner…hehehehe =)

    that is if they are not too busy pushing pins in shitty bank contact details …hehehehe

    Feb 9, 2007 | 9:46 am

  5. Anne says:

    i’ve received several texts like that, including one from Shitty Bank. I simply reply that i don’t know how they got my private number but i do not appreciate them texting me stuff like and to please loose my number

    Feb 9, 2007 | 9:53 am

  6. Anne says:

    do you imagine what would happen if the NTC finally allows campaigning through text messages?!!!!

    Feb 9, 2007 | 9:54 am

  7. wysgal says:

    Lists of mobile phone numbers are available for sale somewhere (for Php 5 a name, or more) and unscrupulous third party agents of the banks mentioned above just text text text away. Of course banks should pull in the reins anyway and tell their third parties not to do text blasts because the NTC recently declared it illegal to send text messages to folks that have not specifically opted in to a particular marketing list.

    Feb 9, 2007 | 9:56 am

  8. connie says:

    Forget those so called “do not call” list, what should be done is make the mobile companies themselves responsible for selling your information in the first place. NTC should prohibit mobile companies from selling, leasing or renting your information to a third party for whaterer purposes. Treat the problem where it start. Cell phones should be treated with utmost privacy versus your land phone, well, because it’s a PERSONAL phone and mobile companies should be fully accountable for this unscrupulous behaviour.

    Feb 9, 2007 | 11:07 am

  9. millet says:

    yes, they’re among my top 10 irritants this century, but thanks for giving me my laugh for the weekend, MM!

    Feb 9, 2007 | 11:08 am

  10. abby says:

    scenes like this seem to be floating around these days (or it has never really slowed down?) my dad got a text at his smart roaming sim informing him that he won thousands of dollars from PGMA’s foundation from a sec. sarah tetangco.the text was misspelled and used text shortcuts, very professional.
    Yeah right, this hoax has been going on since 2004. I don’t know how these scums get the list of roaming subsribers,apparently Smart isn’t doing anything about it.

    Feb 9, 2007 | 11:11 am

  11. abby says:

    I also took a call from Insular life, they were looking for my mom, and when i prodded on what it was, the agent said it was a confidential matter. I told him I couldn’t help him since my
    mom ‘s out of the country, he then told me that my mom’s name shown up on their database which means she has won a free insurance package (uh, yeah..) I politely told him we aren’t interested and put him down. Hmm, if my mom really won something,they’d just send it and no more seminars.
    One of the many dubious marketing schemes companies do to ensnare uninformed people.

    Feb 9, 2007 | 11:17 am

  12. kikay says:

    This reminds me of the marketing calls I used to get from Shittybank. They would call me 2x or 3x a day AT WORK! It was so annoying that I called customer service and told them that if they do not stop calling me at work I will immediately cancel my credit card. That put an end to it! It felt good to have some degree of control =)

    Feb 9, 2007 | 11:32 am

  13. Didi says:

    I hate those kinds of messages! They come in at odd hours! Sometimes in the middle of the night! Argh! Is there some way to control them?

    Feb 9, 2007 | 12:26 pm

  14. MRJP says:

    Here in the US, I havent received any junk texts so far. But I think, my husband did. He called the phone company to complain and I think they blocked it or something like that. It will be twice as annoying if it happens here in the US on a regular basis as we get billed for the incoming text messages too.

    Feb 9, 2007 | 1:17 pm

  15. connie says:

    MRJP, that’s true, here in the use you pay for both your outgoing and ingoing call or text. That’s why laws about advert texting here is tougher.
    I once got a tele-marketer calling my mobile, told them if they knew it was cellphone they called. They said no, but that was the first and last of it. I get text messages from my cell company for regular updates, but those are free, diffinitely none of those junk.

    Feb 9, 2007 | 1:32 pm

  16. Sidekick says:

    Ha..ha..ha.. I received a lot of text messages like those too. Your reply is soo funny. I love it.

    Feb 9, 2007 | 2:13 pm

  17. goodtimer says:

    Did you hear the news the other day about NTC penalizing smart or globe for sending those annoying unsolicited text messages to their subscribers? However,the penalty was just something like P20,000, so globe or smart must be laughing their asses off for such a pathetic amount!

    Feb 9, 2007 | 3:08 pm

  18. Marketman says:

    One of these days I would like to compile all of the personal cell phone numbers of the CEO’s of these companies that send out junk text, the telecomms companies and every senator and congressman involved in providing their franchises and have millions of irate consumers text them junk on a given day…now that would be a taste of their own medicine. Of course no one at the telcoms really wants to do anything about it…they make money everytime junk texts are sent!

    Feb 9, 2007 | 5:09 pm

  19. jules winnfield says:

    nasty!!! camel fleas where the sun don’t shine… hahaha!

    but as a member of the workforce, these guys are just getting instructed and paid to do these texts and calls. i’m not saying that they’re off the hook that easy, the camel fleas on them sounds apropos.üüü but just wish something exponentially nastier for their bosses and the telecom bosses, like the iraq dessert storm spider instead!

    or you can simply post here the celfone numbers where you get these annoying texts from, and let’s all have a guy write it down on the walls of all the male toilets of public markets, bus terminals, massage parlors, hoi polloi malls, etc etc all over the metropolis!

    and of course, what else to ensure the deluge of texts and calls to this number but the accompanying invitation to the lucky male urinater to a night of unrestricted exploration and free infiltration of the texter’s nether regions. (pero in pinoy street lingo for more oomph!)

    Feb 9, 2007 | 5:22 pm

  20. miclimptrp says:

    Hey there MM! I’m so glad to see you using the Bedouin Flea curse that we sent to the Shittybank people a few months ago :D

    Anyways, there’s a law by the NTC that penalizes junk text messages or unsolicited texts by companies that promote their products. Although most of the junk texts by financial institutions most often come from “agencies” which just promote the parent companies’ products on a comission basis.

    I’ll try to research more ancient curses for you to spread around :D

    Feb 9, 2007 | 5:24 pm

  21. Marketman says:

    miclimptrp, I knew I read that curse on this site a while back…it’s a good one. Thanks.

    Feb 9, 2007 | 5:42 pm

  22. susan says:

    MM. Thats a very good response for those annoying junk messages..

    Feb 9, 2007 | 9:47 pm

  23. DivineG. says:

    If people will band together and sue all these people who sell information to other people hence this junk mails and e-mails and calls we get, then we might at least let them pay us for all the bother they are causing us. Also here in the US they have this “do not call list” so telemarketers should not call you or else get sued.

    Feb 9, 2007 | 10:15 pm

  24. Larees says:

    You just made my day MM! Serves them right, sending such messages. I have experienced the same thing just a few weeks ago. It is irritating.

    Feb 9, 2007 | 11:41 pm

  25. tulip says:

    The best reply is to tell them you’ll sue them if they ever bother you again. There’s no regulation for this spam text messages but if most consumers will notify the telecom carriers,most probably they’ll check on this( I hope!).

    It is true that there have been database selling/buying in the telecom industry. There are some “trusted” employees who get access to this database, and sadly some of them sell it.And the company I get to work for is usually offered by this employees, moreover even some companies want to buy our databases(consumers info).

    Ever wonder how come these companies are able to get your contact details? Think about raffle tickets or anything you were able to fill up in the past.2 or 3 years ago, it was in the news:raffle tickets are said to be used for this database when it should be shredded and dumped to protect privacy of individuals. Unfortunately, the “garbage” was sold.

    Feb 10, 2007 | 1:44 am

  26. GUS says:

    Re your reply, Touche!!

    Apr 10, 2007 | 12:40 pm

  27. consol says:

    eloquent reply as usual, MM! haha! my own reply to this annoying texter after sending the same message FIVE TIMES was “who the @#$%^&*! are you and how the @#$%^&* did you get this number? please CEASE and DESIST!” He got the message, loud and clear. kakaimbyerna talaga!

    Apr 24, 2007 | 7:28 am

  28. Francis says:

    Annoying indeed. Lately, I received a text message in Vietnam from this number : 09204261623

    “Congratulations! Ur int’l roaming # had won 3Million pesos! During 92nd Anniversary Sentral Bank of the Phil. OFW Free Raffle Draw! Claim Ur prize. Please Call GOV.Armando M. Tetangco jr. #09204261623!”

    Nag Txt naman ako if this is true, but walang sagot. Ha ha ha, kung totoo, bakit di nalang padala kaagad nang official notice.

    I hope NTC will verify this number and trace who the owner is. Kung si Governor Armando nga talaga. . .tawagan na nya ako sa phone ko at nandito ako sa Pilipinas ngayon.

    How can people get our numbers??????? #$%^^$%%$&^%&%^! Globe and SMART, ano comment nyo?

    Jun 8, 2007 | 8:07 am

  29. arturo v. benitez says:

    Just received a 1M award notice from a certain Atty. Mariano M. Chavez winning for me by raffle from a so called PGMA anniversary raffle of cellphone numbers ! I’m still praying it can be TRUE. …!!!

    Jul 14, 2007 | 5:36 am

  30. Marketman says:

    arturo, I wouldn’t pray too hard, sounds like a scam to me…

    Jul 14, 2007 | 7:14 am

  31. lei says:

    same here just got this irritating scam from so called atty mariano chavez that i won a 1 million pesos from PGMA foundation.. they are lucky coz i have no load today otherwise, i will be sending them the same, with lots & lots of “mura” ..

    Aug 29, 2007 | 10:03 am

  32. meriam says:

    my mother just received the same text messages from a certain atty. mariano m. chavez and mind you, he is really convincing person. my mother got excited about it and i just tell her not to easily believe on the text messages. i hope the philippine government can do something about this recurring problem and arrest also persons/syndicates responsible for this scam. i just wish it is true… but nowadays, you cannot trust a person easily much more on a text message only.

    Sep 16, 2007 | 6:31 pm

  33. merryl says:

    I got a text message from +639284953303 informing me that my international roaming # has won 2 Million pesos from the OFW raffles of Central Bank and that I have to call Gov. Amando M. Tetangco at this number to claim my prize. I told myself this is just one of those rackets but partly I also wanted to entertain the thought that it may be true, that it may be an answered prayer. So i opened my internet and browse on Gov. Tetangco, and here I am now, I hope it will enlighten some people and do something about this insensitive and irritating texts, what if I believe and what if I am so gullible, will these leeches suck away some blood money from me? God’s hands on these people who are a pain in the neck and are adding burden to our already ailing society. I hope the government find a way to stop this kind of activity and educate the public about this.

    Jul 1, 2008 | 11:19 pm

  34. Edgar says:

    I just got the same message from Gov. Amando M. Tetangco 09159470518. Same scam, saying that my OFW Int’l roaming # had won (Ohp.2million) thru electronic raffle draw fr: Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas ” Handog Pamaskong Regalo”! To Claim ur Prize! call me now!! I’m GOV. AMANDO TETANCO JR. Contact # 09159470518.

    This must stop! Before victimizing innocent people.

    Dec 1, 2008 | 11:33 am

  35. paula says:

    i also got the same message from that ‘governor’ saying that i won 3 million pesos. did the same, searched it thru the net and here i am. only the stupidest of stupids would fall for these.

    Dec 18, 2008 | 12:27 pm

  36. bakekang says:

    I have received the same text msg about winning P2 million from Gov. A. Tetangco,or whoever he was,I’m not so interested.When i read it,I thought it was definitely a hoax.Now its from a different number.I’m sure its like a chain letter txt that has been travelling around the world to annoy people.whoelse did it?..no one but the Devil!!

    Jan 20, 2009 | 2:56 pm

  37. seasores says:

    could u imagine if all those hoax txt are for real.. maybe all of us will post here in a diff way.. its like money’s a rain and drop like heaven’s gift in ur palm(cp).. but eniwei, reality sucks sometimes and we just need to focus on our own hard working, life saving professions..

    Feb 6, 2009 | 1:46 pm

  38. A G says:

    I got the same text!

    Congratulations! Ur globe OFW Int’l Roaming # had won Php 2million thru electronis raffles draw fr: Dangko Sentral ng Pilipinas during our Anniversary Program! to claim your prize, call me now! I’m GOV. AMANDO TETANGCO JR. Contact # 09153813478. Pls call to avoid 4feiture.

    note: if you will not call 2 claim, we will cancel your prize and subject for donation 2d dswd if lack of interest. ty


    too good to be true. and i’m not in manila at the moment!

    Feb 20, 2009 | 12:45 pm

  39. lilet says:

    Just received a text message just today from Gov. Amando Tetangco and says that I won PHP3M. BUt looking at the sender’s no, i find it fishy that’s why I goggled the name and here I am. I don’t see any logic on this. Kung tatawag ako using my non-Phil no, what will they be getting out from this? Nakakatakot naman, our numbers should be secured by our service providers.
    Ano bang raket ito?

    Mar 12, 2009 | 10:28 am

  40. Cecilia says:

    You really can be amusingly mean … to me anyway … It normally doesn’t bother me that much, except when I get them in the middle of the night! Do they really think you would respond kindly to such rudeness!

    Apr 5, 2009 | 5:27 pm

  41. baby says:

    akala nila hindi ko alam na scam sila.they asked me to send $400.00 for my prize to be proccesed.i told them that i don’t have the amount and they bargain with $200.00.muntik na akong maloko.buti na lang i checked the internet first before sending the money.paano kaya un binigay ko pa naman ang name ko ang passport number ko at address ko dito.baka naman may gawin sa akin ang mga yan.please do something about it.ito pa ang number na ginamit ni gov. amando tetangco jr.09062135820.

    Aug 6, 2009 | 11:27 am


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