02 Apr2005

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day. abeefEver since I started pulling tricks on my daughter (perhaps since she was seven or so) she has retaliated with increasing ingenuity and a sense of humour. I encourage this, to a degree, as being an only child she needs to get aggravated on occasion by her parents as she has no siblings. But those who dish it out have to learn to suffer the consequences. Back from a very tiring business trip, I arrived home totally exhausted last night. After dinner, where she and her friends doctored my diet coke with salt but I barely noticed save for the oddly dissintegrating ice cubes, I thought I was safe for the rest of the night.

Late in the evening, I got into my shower, checked my shampoo for telltale signs of food coloring, checked my soap for sand grains and seeing nothing I turned on the water in bath and waited till it was super hot. Then, I flicked the knob to turn on the shower and started to shampoo my hair. The water smelled odd but I thought that was because I hadn’t used the shower in days and the rust and gunk in the pipes were just rearing their ugly odors. Haha. I put shampoo and the fragrance of the shampoo masked the odd odor until I soaped, rinsed, and toweled off with a brand new towel. Only upon emerging from the shower and out of the bathroom to three giggling 9 and 10 year olds (daughter and accomplices), did I realize I had well and truly been had. The little rascals had unscrewed my shower head and placed a beef broth cube in it before replacing it. When I turned on the hot water it was like bathing in a beef bouillon soup! Gotcha! And well done, I might add. I smelled so much like Bulalo (Beef Marrow) soup that I had to take another shower in another bathroom to try and remove some of the stench. The stench was so strong in my hair that the kids came up to my bed later in the evening to sniff like silly dogs in search of prey.

My hair this morning was oddly stiff and grainy. So just in case you thought this was a new kind of shampoo, no, I don’t think that salt, msg, palm oil, beef extracts, spices, sugar and natural colors does your hair much good! I’ll have to wait a year before I get my revenge… Hope you had a good April Fool’s Day!



  1. Kevin Navia says:

    AHAHAHAH! That prank never fails. ;)

    Apr 2, 2005 | 1:42 pm


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  3. MG says:

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Clever these young kids these days! Gotcha!

    Apr 7, 2005 | 6:27 am

  4. Dennis says:

    Ha ha ha haha. I have tears in my eyes not from bulalo flavored shampoo but from laughing till I fell off my chair.

    Apr 14, 2005 | 8:14 pm

  5. Julia B says:

    Ha Ha got u there. Hope u have mercy on us on ur next
    years revenge. I remember when u hosed water at us while
    Ginger was closing the gate! LOL

    May 13, 2005 | 11:32 pm

  6. Jean says:

    LOL! What they should have done was replace your shampoo for some good ol’ fashion Nair!…. Then you would have been HAD for good. THAT would’ve been the ultimate April Fools joke ever. ;)

    Apr 3, 2006 | 11:24 am


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