Lechon, Mustasa & Kamatis Salad a la Marketman

03 Feb, 2014

Deep-fried roast pork, shreds of bracing and peppery mustard leaves, juicy tomatoes and a bagoong-lime dressing were an ABSOLUTE HIT the first time we tried it at home.

Roasted Boneless Pork Belly a la Marketman

16 Jan, 2014

Who would have known how popular a localized version of Italian porchetta would become in just 3.5 short years?

Two Batches of Meaty Barbecued Pork Ribs…

07 Jan, 2014

We must have a national gene for pork barbecues of all kinds.

When Storms Fell Coconut Palms…

12 Nov, 2013

You kind of HAVE to find the silver lining, I suppose.

Bun Cha a la Marketman

29 Oct, 2013

You knew I was going to give it a go, didn’t you? :)

Bun Cha, Hanoi

25 Oct, 2013

Described in our Luxe Guide to Hanoi as “Yes, it’s a total dump, but who cares when the grilled pork patties and spring rolls are that good” — so obviously we had to try it. :)

Pinangat a la Josephine

26 Sep, 2013

It certainly didn’t look like your normal pinangat… but it tasted very, very good. :)

Vietnamese Inspired Pork Barbecue a la Marketman

20 Sep, 2013

We were so enamored with the majority of dishes we had in Hanoi that I couldn’t help but experiment with some barbecued pork when I got back home.


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