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…More Vegetable Lumpia Experiments…

05 Nov, 2013

After the less than successful results of the purple lumpia experiment, see previous post here, I headed back into the kitchen a couple of days later and tried three more variations of vegetable lumpia.

Bun Cha a la Marketman

29 Oct, 2013

You knew I was going to give it a go, didn’t you? :)

Bun Cha, Hanoi

25 Oct, 2013

Described in our Luxe Guide to Hanoi as “Yes, it’s a total dump, but who cares when the grilled pork patties and spring rolls are that good” — so obviously we had to try it. :)

A Lamb Dinner with Friends…

25 Aug, 2013

Hearty, casual and abundant Sunday meals with friends are always a pleasure.

Roasted Chicken Claypot Rice a la Marketman

20 Aug, 2013

I am really enamored with my Chinese clay pots of late.

Claypot Crabmeat & Sotanghon a la Marketman

05 Aug, 2013

Thrilled with my first foray into Chinese clay pot cooking, I went back into the kitchen a few hours later ostensibly to cook some “merienda”for the crew…

Claypot Lechon Sisig & Sotanghon a la Marketman

02 Aug, 2013

Sometimes I am asked where I get my inspiration from while in the kitchen.

Mushroom & Truffle Pasta a la Marketman

23 Jul, 2013

Some friends gave us a couple of bottles of minced and shaved black truffles in olive oil.


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