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Flowers For Our First “Holiday” Dinner 2014…

23 Oct, 2014

This was a bit of a “wacky” autumn holiday dinner for close friends.

Greens for the Beach House…

04 Sep, 2014

I really like the combination of light green, yellow/green or almost chartreuse greens and blooms and white flowers.

A Cheery and Casual Setting for a Major Milestone of a Birthday…

07 Jul, 2014

Mrs. MM and I had really BOTH celebrated our 50th birthdays early, with a wonderful trip to South Africa.

Tomatoes & Roses from DowntoEarth…

06 Jul, 2014


Amaryllis en Masse

13 Jun, 2014

I am currently in the midst of crazed preparations for hosting roughly 20+ marketmanila readers for an informal barbecue lunch at the beach today, so I will be relatively quiet for the next day or two…

Glorious Gloriosa…

18 Feb, 2014

Extremely economical, yet beautiful to behold.

A Perfect Rose…

14 Feb, 2014

While I am a notorious Valentine’s sceptic because of all the commercial hype that surrounds the modern holiday, I completely understand that love, in all its forms, is something that we should emulate, practice and celebrate as often as possible.

Another Look at Everlasting…

03 Feb, 2014

Most people probably associate leis or garlands of dried everlasting flowers from childhood holiday trips to Baguio.


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