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Leafy Inspiration…

30 Jan, 2014

It’s been quiet on the blog for more than a week now.

Our First Christmas Dinner, 2013 –The Setting/Flowers

30 Dec, 2013

The first holiday dinner of the season is ALWAYS the hardest to pull off.

Poinsettias for the 2013 Christmas Holidays…

14 Dec, 2013

WARNING : I was one of the first to write about King Louis, but I regret to take back everything positive I have written about this company in the past, as three separate horrible service interactions with them in recent years leaves me to conclude they are unprofessional, unreliable, unethical and unwilling to service…

Masses of Oncidiums…

20 Nov, 2013

A basketful of blooming yellow oncidium orchids.

Colorful Hydrangeas & Snapdragons

08 Aug, 2013

Hydrangeas are great “bang for the buck” because for relatively modest sums of money you can make very “bloom-centric” arrangements.

Cattleya “Imperialis”

10 Jul, 2013

I spotted this stunning cattleya orchid with twin blooms while shopping for vegetables at the Saturday FTI Market.

Farewell to a Fine Lady…

13 May, 2013

We recently said farewell to one of the finest, kindest and most elegant ladies we have ever known.

Happy Mother’s Day!

12 May, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day to all readers who are moms, and to all mothers everywhere. :)


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