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Candied Cabaluyan Lemon Peel

20 Jun, 2017

I am always intrigued by new and unusual produce…

Cicoria alla Romana – Roman-Style Sauteed Chicory/Dandelion Leaves

19 Jun, 2017

This is one case where BITTER is definitely BETTER.

“Sticky Rice & Mango” a la Marketman

12 Jun, 2017

The purpose of this post is simply to make your sweet tooth tingle, or mouth water.

Amazing Buri Palms…

10 Jun, 2017

I have been a huge fan of majestic, imposing, noble buri palms.

Thanks Tony, again…

10 Jun, 2017

“My first truly transcendent great whole roasted pig, the best lechon I ever had in my life was that time in Cebu.”

Anthony Bourdain, June 2017

Quote from an interview conducted by Claude Tayag and ABS-CBN in Manila, on the sidelines of the World Street Food Congress

Hocus — An Exhibit of Paintings by Guy Custodio Envisioned by Saul HofileƱa, Jr.

14 May, 2017

Betchay, a long-time reader, had graciously invited Mrs. MM and I to the opening of this wonderful, unusual and visually stunning exhibit, now at the National Museum.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

14 May, 2017

So regular readers know I generally eschew “Hallmark holidays” but I realize many folks do celebrate them…

Deep-Fried Glassy Pili Nuts

13 May, 2017

When a regular reader emailed me this interesting video, I immediately headed to the kitchen to tinker…


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