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Fresh Buckwheat Noodles

11 Jun, 2016

I don’t think I have ever come across freshly made buckwheat noodles before.

To Market, To Market, in Xian, China

10 Jun, 2016

Our wonderful guide Ruixi had been previously advised that Marketman was big on markets, so she made sure that a market was on our itinerary that day.

Harrods Food Hall for the Holidays…

30 Nov, 2015

We have been in New York for the past week, and we’ve noticed that retail is not doing particularly well on this coast at least.

Helping to Bring Something “New” to Market… Pea Tendrils!

10 Sep, 2015

A few weeks after we returned from our South African Safari mid-2014, I was speaking with Gejo Jimenez of Malipayon Farms when he dropped by to make a delivery of greens, and I mentioned that I had noticed so many pea shoots used as a garnish on snazzy dishes in Cape Town.

G. Detou, Paris

24 Aug, 2015

If you bake a lot, curious about all things ingredient wise, just like food shops or are into sweets, this is one shop you SHOULD NOT MISS when in Paris.

STOHRER P√Ętisserie Traiteur, Paris

18 Aug, 2015

If you told me ANY patisserie and caterer had managed to last 285 years in the same storefront, I would have guessed you were bluffing.

Polmard, Paris

16 Aug, 2015

One of the snazziest meat shops I have EVER come across.

Cleaning Some Medium Sized Danggit

13 Aug, 2015

The first time I cleaned a freshly caught fish, I probably contemplated the task for several minutes to help steel myself for the task.


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