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Wonderful Macarons from The Tuileries Confections, Manila

07 Jan, 2014

I have a tendency to put my foot in my mouth.

Eric Kayser in Manila! Yahoo!!!

27 Dec, 2013

Santa’s gift to Manila foodies craving good bread and pastry — Maison Kayser!

Eat Your Purples & Reds…

18 Nov, 2013

Growing up they always used to say “eat your greens!” — a parental plea to consume more vegetables.

Produce from Malipayon Farms…

09 Aug, 2013

The produce during rainy season is appalling. That’s the conventional wisdom.

Unusual and Kooky Food Finds…

27 Jun, 2013

I am often asked where to find this and or that food related item.

Juan Longganisa at the “Fresh Festival” at Metro Market!Market!

14 Apr, 2013

There is a “Fresh Festival” (think small microcosm of weekend markets/bazaars, but without any veggies/fruit?!) at the Metro Grocery, Market!Market! until April 20th; I dropped by the other day to check it out.

Toscana Farms, Spectacular!

10 Mar, 2013

I visited the greenhouses of Toscana Farms on the same morning as Gejo’s Malipayon Farms, just down the road, also to stock up on produce for the magazine photo shoot at the beach.

Farm Fresh Produce & Herbs at Malipayon Farms

06 Mar, 2013

There are five kinds of herbal/vegetable flowers in this photo, can you guess what they are?


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