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Quesong Puti / Filipino White Cheese

29 Jan, 2017

Somehow, the promise of what lies within is almost always overestimated when it comes to quesong puti wrapped in fresh banana leaves.

Hunting for White Truffles in Alba… The Spoils…

12 Dec, 2016

Back at La Casa del Trifulau after an hour hunt in the woods, our hosts/guide laid out the spoils of the day…

“Hunting” for Truffles in Alba…

12 Dec, 2016

Perhaps the main reason for our journey to Piedmont and the area around Alba, was to savor eating, and just as importantly, experience “hunting,” for the prized white truffles of the region.

A Wine Tasting at the Enoteca Regionale del Barolo

13 Nov, 2016

An enoteca regionale is the equivalent of regional wine shop/repository that stocks many wines from a particular region, and you have a wonderful opportunity to taste a lot of what that particular region has to offer.

Full-Service Water Chestnut Vendor…

17 Aug, 2016

We were in the middle of the most ginormous wholesale mall on the planet in Yiwu, China.

Preserved Cherry Blossoms… Any ideas?!

14 Aug, 2016

A good friend recently returned from a tour of Japanese temples and brought this unusual ingredient…

A Copper Jam Pot from Dehillerin…

09 Aug, 2016

I think I like this (almost single-use) pot even better than our fish pans…

Deep-Fried Persimmon Cakes

15 Jun, 2016

After touring the Muslim market in Xi’an, we headed to the edge of the market, and before getting back into our tuktuk, we had two quick bites…


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