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Are You Nuts?!?

18 Dec, 2014

I have been foraging and cooking since Saturday for Christmas Dinners this Friday and Saturday and beyond.

Pellegrino Citrus Ade a la Marketman

12 Nov, 2014

I was fooling around with citrus ice cubes made from lemonade and chopped up lemons, oranges and green lemons the other day.

Trick or Treat?!

29 Oct, 2014

I spotted these pumpkin seed treats at a Chinese grocery in Binondo a few days ago.

Halloween’s Sneaking Up On Us…

28 Oct, 2014

The holiday season is really just around the corner…

Itlog ng Pugo / Quail Eggs

20 Oct, 2014

It’s always amused me how easy it is to find copious supplies of quail eggs, but it’s next to impossible to find a steady, reliable and economical supply of nicely fattened quail in Manila or most parts of the Philippines, for that matter.

Butong Pakwan / Dried Watermelon Seeds

30 Sep, 2014

I don’t know about you guys, but as a kid, these were one of my FAVORITE SNACKS.

My Saturday Morning Market Finds…

13 Jul, 2014

Dried shrimp exoskeletons, unbelievably tart bignay fruit and ginormous but rather tasteless “California” mangoes.

South Africa 15 — Those Surprising Local Wines!

16 Jun, 2014

Shortly after our arrival at Singita, after meeting the chefs who inquired about any special requests, we also met the hotel’s sommelier, Welma, who inquired about any special requests with respect to wine or liquor.


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