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Deep-Fried Persimmon Cakes

15 Jun, 2016

After touring the Muslim market in Xi’an, we headed to the edge of the market, and before getting back into our tuktuk, we had two quick bites…

Artisanal Throat Lozenges

14 Jun, 2016

In the middle of the market in Xi’an, a young vendor was hammering and smashing away at a block of what looked like sugar or candy.

Floral and Leaf Teas

12 Jun, 2016

One of the first stalls we came across at the market in Xian was a vendor offering various types of green leaf tea and flowers for hot infusions.

Freshly Squeezed Pomegranate Juice

07 Apr, 2016

Glistening like edible rubies in the evening light, pomegranates on display in street stalls in the muslim quarter of Xian made me stop in my tracks.

Wholegrain (farro & black rice) Crackers a la Marketman

23 Mar, 2016

I suppose I should have known that making whole grain crackers must be amongst the easiest food items to produce, ever. But I didn’t know that. Up top, some black rice crackers are stunning, no?

Gorgeous Hand-Woven Table Runners from Balay ni Atong

31 Aug, 2015

Mrs. MM and I were at the “Maarte Fair” at the Rockwell tent over the weekend, and I was thrilled to find so many beautifully made local products.

An Abundance of Vanilla Bean from Bali

31 Aug, 2015

Last year, whilst shopping in an obscure spice shop in a local neighborhood of Cape Town, I got what I thought was a “mother lode” of vanilla — beautiful, plump, moist and amazingly fragrant beans from Madagascar, one of the premium sources of some of the world’s best vanilla bean.

A Chunky Slab of Himalayan Pink Salt

12 Aug, 2015

This chunky heavy slab of pink himalayan salt was a present from some good friends who happen to be guests at our dinner table rather often.


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