Suha & Bagoong / Pomelo & Shrimp Paste

23 Sep, 2014

Pomelos rank in my top 5 favorite fruits, ever.

My Saturday Morning Market Finds…

13 Jul, 2014

Dried shrimp exoskeletons, unbelievably tart bignay fruit and ginormous but rather tasteless “California” mangoes.

“Fish Tacos” a la Marketman

09 Jul, 2014

It’s a bit cheeky for me to add the “a la Marketman” in the title of this post.

Duhat Shakes/Smoothies are Back!

19 Mar, 2014

It certainly looks like this is one of those years where there will be a bumper crop of lomboy or duhat in Cebu!

A Healthy Breakfast… :)

06 Nov, 2013

While ham and eggs, eggs benedict, a plateful of pancakes with a side of bacon, a roast beef hash, and even a sausage McMuffin seem like the most tempting things to eat for breakfast, I do occasionally try to get a healthier start to my day.

Street & Ambulant Fruit & Vegetable Vendors, Hanoi

30 Sep, 2013

This photo of innocent looking atis resulted in my camera being jinxed by a local vendor. I kid you not.

A Citrus Apology… :)

21 Aug, 2013

I feel I owe our lime plant a sincere apology.

Iced Minatamis na Saging & Pure Macapuno Preserves

24 Jul, 2013

We made several small batches of macapuno preserves yesterday in the MM household, to be shipped to Cebu and put on sale in our restaurants/outlets.


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