A Citrus Apology… :)

21 Aug, 2013

I feel I owe our lime plant a sincere apology.

Iced Minatamis na Saging & Pure Macapuno Preserves

24 Jul, 2013

We made several small batches of macapuno preserves yesterday in the MM household, to be shipped to Cebu and put on sale in our restaurants/outlets.

Kamansi / Seeded Breadfruit (Revisited)

23 May, 2013

Our office internet is misbehaving and it’s hard for me to post new content without wasting hours of time waiting for things to upload. At any rate, I am reposting this post on kamansi from 8 years ago because of a question posed to me yesterday about the difference between kamansi and rimas…

Mabolo in Season

22 Apr, 2013

They could easily be mistaken for hunks of red wax sealed cheese.

Shrimp & Avocado Cocktail…

12 Apr, 2013

Think of it as a shrimpy guacamole… no, not quite.

Marketman’s Quick Tip # 7 — “Lateral Cuts of Lime”

13 Mar, 2013

Sometimes, it’s really hard to extract much juice from local dayap, biasong or limes.

Cape Gooseberries from Benguet…

04 Mar, 2013

Who would have thought?

Ripe Tamarind / Sampalok Puree or Sauce

27 Feb, 2013

Armed with 2 kilos of peeled ripe tamarind, at just PHP30 per kilo, it was time for a few experiments.


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