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How to Boil An Egg… :)

29 Apr, 2012

I was surprised and amused by the comments and private emails I received regarding boiled eggs.

Russian Sage… Or is it something else???

12 Mar, 2012

I have never seen this leafy herb(?) before… or at least I never took notice of it.

Paella a la Marketman/Crew “101”…

09 Mar, 2012

Here is the step by step guide (with photos) to our “house” paella… :)

Wilted Spinach Salad & Farro Salad For Lunch…

09 Jan, 2012

After the eating madness that characterises the Filipino holiday season, you have to be mad not to seek more healthy fare to cleanse the system.

What’s Cooking Now… Ube Halaya!

02 Nov, 2011

First off, I have to clearly acknowledge that it is in fact very possible to make a ube halaya that is truly purple in color, WITHOUT any food coloring whatsoever.

Wild Mushroom & Challah Bread Pudding

28 Oct, 2011

This was everyone’s favorite dish from our recent Thanksgiving dinner.

Scallion Sauce for Noodles a la David Chang (Momofuku)

23 Aug, 2011

This dead simple recipe for a “condiment” or “sauce” for noodles and other dishes caught my interest at the same time as experimenting with Momofuku’s fried chicken.

Puto Buli (Steamed Ass Cakes? Butt Buns?)

03 Aug, 2011

Actually, technically, they are steamed buri palm starch cakes. Buli in Visayan refers to one’s rear end. So I was amused when we came across these rather unusual puto or steamed cakes this morning at a food fair at the Cebu Capitol Building grounds. Puto Buli the vendors referred to them….


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