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Gourmet Keso

28 Jul, 2011

After I gave that talk at the Gawad Kalinga Social Entrepreneurship Gathering at Ateneo last week, I was pleasantly “ambushed” by budding entrepreneurs with a whole host of products that are now being produced at the “Enchanted Farm” in Bulacan. A long-time reader “filet minion” was the first and most aggressive, but she…

How to Blanch, Peel & Roast Pili Nuts

26 Jul, 2011

A few kilos of peeled fresh pili nuts is a fine, fine gift to receive…

Name That Edible Flower… Sabidukung / Tonkin Jasmine

02 Jul, 2011

Any hardcore Ilocano foodies out there that would care to enlighten us?


19 May, 2011

The fresh herb selection in large local groceries has really improved dramatically over the past 15 years… It is fairly easy to find fresh basil, thyme, rosemary, parsley, dill etc. these days but still very erratic on fresh sage. We use sage in at least two dishes we cook at home.. one…

A Seaweed Farm…

13 Apr, 2011

Ask obvious questions. That’s one of the great things that this blog has taught me with respect to food. We all go about our daily lives without inquiring, without seeking, without really wanting to know more. It’s one thing to read that most commercial ice creams being so darned airy and…

The Disappearing Siling Labuyo

12 Apr, 2011

One of my pet peeves is when vendors sell produce and intentionally or unintentionally mislabel or misrepresent what they are selling. Dayap is a great example. Just a few days ago I saw a huge box of green citrus at the Salcedo market with a sign claiming it was “dayap”. I…

The Chicharon Chronicles, Part I – “The Simmering”

08 Jan, 2011

I wouldn’t exactly call it divine intervention. But certainly my lola (grandmother) was definitely looking down from the heavens and smiling at our latest chicharon adventure… And my mom was equally amused from her vantage point as well. The chicharon in the photo up top was from our FIRST ATTEMPT ever. …

Holiday Cheese Tray a la Marketman

25 Dec, 2010

A nice cheese tray/selection always makes almost any holiday gathering more special. During the holidays, we always try to make every effort to acquire at least 10-12 cheeses that we store in the fridge for either formal dinners or impromptu afternoon snacks. Mrs. MM and the Teen are particularly voracious when it…


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