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Tinkering with 5 Kinilaws (Ceviches) a la Marketman/Zubudagat

28 Jun, 2014

I interrupt South African posts with this one on several kinilaws (ceviches) I have been testing and refining and weighing and finalizing for Zubudagat’s menu.

Braised & Grilled Octopus

26 May, 2014

Except in some snazzy restaurants in Manila whose kitchens are run by foreigners or influenced by Filipino chefs who have trained abroad, I don’t think octopus is a common ingredient on local menus at all.

Seafood Lunch at Sugar Beach, Bantayan, Cebu

24 May, 2014

After shopping at the Bantayan fresh seafood market in this previous post, we took our purchases to one of the cooking stalls at Sugar Beach, left some instructions on how we preferred each type of seafood cooked, and went back to our hotel to pack up and check out before lunch.

Semi-Dried Caraballas Fish…

22 May, 2014

We spied this man making some semi-dried caraballas (or salay-salay or smooth-tailed trevally) at one end of the fresh seafood market.

A Simply Luxurious Crab Dip a la Marketman

21 May, 2014

It’s more about the engraved piggy board than the crab dip, really.

Fried Dried Fish Skins

19 May, 2014

Perhaps my favorite food discovery in Bantayan were these dried fish skins, sold in plastic packets in 5-6 sheets, pricey, smelly and rather scarce that I nearly completely missed them until our GM pointed them out.

Dried Fish at the Bantayan Town Market

18 May, 2014

Bantayan island is not only famous for incredibly fresh seafood, but also for its abundant and high-quality dried seafood as well.

Reef Fresh Seafood at the Bantayan Town Market!!

16 May, 2014

Some of the freshest seafood I have ever seen was to be had at the Bantayan Town Market on a Sunday morning.


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