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Holiday 2014’s First “Fishpan” Award — King Louis Flowers & Plants

15 Dec, 2014

The worst service, the weakest excuses if not outright lies, and amongst the poorest service encounters I have experienced in almost 10 years as a loyal customer of King Louis Flowers.

Molave Cheese/Charcuterie Boards a la Marketman

14 Dec, 2014

Remember that molave tree on a neighbor’s lot in Cebu that passed away of unknown but natural causes?

Kusmi & Ladurée on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées

12 Dec, 2014

After our rather hearty breakfast from the Raspail market, we made our way by subway to the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, strolling leisurely on our way up to the meeting point for the bus to the new Louis Vuitton museum.

A Roadside Vendor and Twelve Rattan Pigs…

20 Nov, 2014

If reindeer can fly (admittedly more elegantly due to the way they gracefully leap through the air), why not piggies?!

Blood Moon (?) Lunar Eclipse…

08 Oct, 2014

I hope you got a glimpse of or were watching at length the lunar eclipse this evening in Manila and other parts of the Philippines, Asia and North America…

“It’s all Greek to me, literally…”

02 Oct, 2014

Long-time blog readers may recall this photo shoot which appeared in the March 2013 issue of Elle Decoration (Philippine Edition) — it was shot on the beach and I prepared several dishes with a mediterranean-y vibe.

What’s in Marketman’s “Book Bag”…

22 Sep, 2014

While browsing through a suburban mall on the U.S. east coast recently, I spied these spectacular, authentic, heavy-duty canvas book bags that a company called Levenger manufactures presumably for the Boston Public Library.

E. Murio Private Sale

13 Aug, 2014

Mrs. MM and I are fond of E. Murio furniture and other pieces — beautifully designed and crafted, locally manufactured, and reasonably priced when you get them on sale.


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