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Want to Graduate? Bring Your Own Chair…

25 Mar, 2015

I have heard some ridiculous things, and I am well aware of the sorry state of our public education system, despite real attempts to improve it in recent years.

Seriously, how low can we go???

15 Jan, 2015

At dinner a few days ago, a foreign friend whose family has had ties to our country for over 200 years, and who has reason to be in Binondo and downtown Manila fairly often, mentioned something that really made Mrs. MM and I cringe… In effect, he said “I have never seen downtown Manila…

A MM Christmas Crew Party at Home…

05 Jan, 2015

I keep forgetting to take photos of our annual Crew Christmas Party at home.

Sorry, I Couldn’t Resist… :)

04 Jan, 2015

You just have to watch this video sent to Mrs. MM by PJ, it’s just too funny. But also so real. I couldn’t stop laughing, and frankly, think they should do this here as well. As long as there is an equal effort to put up public toilets.

Holiday 2014’s First “Fishpan” Award — King Louis Flowers & Plants

15 Dec, 2014

The worst service, the weakest excuses if not outright lies, and amongst the poorest service encounters I have experienced in almost 10 years as a loyal customer of King Louis Flowers.

Molave Cheese/Charcuterie Boards a la Marketman

14 Dec, 2014

Remember that molave tree on a neighbor’s lot in Cebu that passed away of unknown but natural causes?

Kusmi & Ladurée on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées

12 Dec, 2014

After our rather hearty breakfast from the Raspail market, we made our way by subway to the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, strolling leisurely on our way up to the meeting point for the bus to the new Louis Vuitton museum.

A Roadside Vendor and Twelve Rattan Pigs…

20 Nov, 2014

If reindeer can fly (admittedly more elegantly due to the way they gracefully leap through the air), why not piggies?!


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