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A Mostly Vegetarian Dinner…

18 Mar, 2014

My niece attended graduate school just outside Boston, and had a flat-mate who eventually ended up doing development work in Cambodia, Laos and is now stationed in Tacloban with a multinational agency.

Champorado — “Filipino Breakfast of Champions”

09 Mar, 2014

While North America might have it’s Cheerios of Corn Flakes cereal as their “Breakfast of Champions”…

Laing with Lechon…

24 Feb, 2014

I had a strong hankering for laing, and purchased some dried gabi leaves at the grocery, but when I got home realized we had neither dried fish or shrimp to add to the dish…

Chicken Skin “Chips” a la Marketman

04 Feb, 2014

This dish is for “Lee”, in his far away, off the grid, military location, toiling the “salt mines” while wishing he was home in Bacolod.

Scrambled Eggs with Bits & Bobs a la Marketman :)

17 Jan, 2014

Part of the joy of putting in all that time and effort into a holiday dinner for family and friends is enjoying the “leftovers” the following day or days after.

A Healthy Breakfast… :)

06 Nov, 2013

While ham and eggs, eggs benedict, a plateful of pancakes with a side of bacon, a roast beef hash, and even a sausage McMuffin seem like the most tempting things to eat for breakfast, I do occasionally try to get a healthier start to my day.

Thinly Sliced Braised Octopus…

11 Sep, 2013

It looked even more stunning on the plate than these pictures suggest.

Tender Braised Octopus, FINALLY!!! :)

10 Sep, 2013

Eureka! You cannot imagine how happy I was that I finally got some tender octopus as a result of a very, very simple way of braising the beast(s).


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