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A Mostly Vegetarian Dinner…

18 Mar, 2014

My niece attended graduate school just outside Boston, and had a flat-mate who eventually ended up doing development work in Cambodia, Laos and is now stationed in Tacloban with a multinational agency.

Tuna & Bean Salad a la Marketman

02 Mar, 2014

I have been very much “under the weather” or should I say “lungs invaded by plant sperm/pollen” and resting/sleeping and incredibly lethargic for the past week.

Lechon, Mustasa & Kamatis Salad a la Marketman

03 Feb, 2014

Deep-fried roast pork, shreds of bracing and peppery mustard leaves, juicy tomatoes and a bagoong-lime dressing were an ABSOLUTE HIT the first time we tried it at home.

A “Filipino Dinner” for Foreign Guests…

25 Nov, 2013

All this food aid distribution can make one hungry…

Three Octopus Salads a la Marketman

12 Sep, 2013

With a base layer of thinly sliced octopus on the plate, it was easy to come up with different variations on a theme.

Thinly Sliced Braised Octopus…

11 Sep, 2013

It looked even more stunning on the plate than these pictures suggest.

A Lamb Dinner with Friends…

25 Aug, 2013

Hearty, casual and abundant Sunday meals with friends are always a pleasure.

A “Malipayon” Salad…

11 Aug, 2013

Let the produce speak to you.


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