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Homemade Corn Dogs… :)

12 Sep, 2013

It’s been a good 30+ years since my last proper corn dog… :)

Lechon Arroz Caldo a la Marketman

17 Jan, 2013

Slam dunk. :)

Empanadillas de atĂșn y pimiento a la Claudia Roden

01 May, 2012

Filipino empanadas have become increasingly sweet and cloying, almost like a meaty dessert.

Pork BBQ on a Stick with Gata, Bagoong & Sambal a la Marketman (Version 2)

12 Apr, 2012

This ventured into the realm of satay, but not quite.

Curacha Toasts a la Marketman

10 Apr, 2012

Many people mistakenly assume that curacha is a delicacy that can only be enjoyed in Zamboanga. Not only do the stunning crabs exist in other parts of the Philippines, they reach all the way down to Australian waters!

Checking Out the Chicharon Competition… :)

15 Feb, 2012

We were curious how our Zubuchon chicharon compared with our competition, so one day we bought samples of 9 or 10 other brands of chicharon for sale in the domestic departure lounge of the Mactan airport and did a taste test, as well as comparing prices, packaging, weight, etc.

Meat & Bread, Vancouver

12 Oct, 2011

Braised Lamb’s Neck with grilled vegetables, aoili, sprouts on crusty bread.

Zubufries — French fries “double-fried” in lard…

11 Oct, 2011

I don’t think there are many folks who would turn down some well-made french fries.


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