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Dinuguan (Dugo-dugo) a la Marketman (Part 2 of 3)

10 Feb, 2011

Right after Victor finished demonstrating how his version of dinuguan was cooked, I decided to make a slightly different version with the remaining half of the innards. I started much the same way Victor did, using pork lard, sauteeing garlic onions and chopped green chilies. However, I omitted the green onions and…

Dinuguan (Dugo-dugo) a la Victor (Part 1 of 3)

10 Feb, 2011

Let me start by saying each region, town and even household seems to have its own special version of dinuguan. This is an important starting point, because I don’t want to declare one better than the other, or one more authentic than the other. I have read over a dozen recipes for…

Homemade “Halo-Halo” a la Marketman

18 Jan, 2011

Stewed sweetened fruit, beans and jam swimming in crushed ice, milk and melting ice cream doesn’t sound like a particularly appetizing snack, but for many Filipinos, it spells the ultimate comfort snack. Comfort from the heat, comfort from a mid-afternoon hunger pang, or just comfort from the warm fuzzy feelings that result after…

The Chicharon Chronicles, Part III — “The Puffing & Crisping”

13 Jan, 2011

Here are the final two steps in our first attempt at doing a “Carcar Style” chicharon. If you read the earlier posts Chicharon chronicles I and II, you would know that we ended the process with cut pieces of once simmered and once rendered skin and fat. After these rendered pieces of…

The Chicharon Chronicles, Part II – “The Rendering”

10 Jan, 2011

Rendering fat takes on new meaning when you do it roughly 15 kilos at a time! OMG in the “fattest” sense… If you read Part I of The Chicharon Chronicles, we left off after the fat had been simmered in hot salted water. The skin/fat was then sliced into small “bite-sized”…

The Chicharon Chronicles, Part I – “The Simmering”

08 Jan, 2011

I wouldn’t exactly call it divine intervention. But certainly my lola (grandmother) was definitely looking down from the heavens and smiling at our latest chicharon adventure… And my mom was equally amused from her vantage point as well. The chicharon in the photo up top was from our FIRST ATTEMPT ever. …

The Next Porky Challenge : Chicharon a la Marketman!!!

06 Jan, 2011

It’s been on the back burner for a few years. I always wanted to cook a good chicharon, WITHOUT any added MSG. So I have taken the first step. Identified the wholesaler of bulk pig skin/fat (YES, it is IMPORTED from the U.S.) and today we purchased a box with 28+…

Homemade Pizza!

05 Jan, 2011

After a busy day gunning down the enemy (see previous post, here), what better way to refuel at night than with some homemade pizzas? I made some pizza dough the day before and the kids put the toppings on their pies, then into a HOT oven, and a few minutes later we…


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