Sinampalukang Manok a la Marketman

15 Feb, 2012

A soothing elixir made of that universally loved combination of chicken, chicken broth and an added flavoring agent, in this case young sampalok or tamarind leaves.

A Market Driven Cioppino…

10 Jan, 2012

We try to make this dish at least once a year; almost always when we are at the beach house and have access to the seafood from the Nasugbu market.

Chicken (and Ham) Sotanghon Soup

30 Dec, 2011

After Christmas, we retired to the beach for a few days to relax and “detox” from all the holiday food.

Shrimp Bisque a la Marketman

21 Dec, 2011

A throwback to 1960’s elegant sit-down dinners where suburban moms in Hepburn like attire tried hard to impress guests…

A “Souped-Up” Pork Rib Sinigang a la Marketman

01 Nov, 2011

Think of this as the “ferrari” of pork rib sinigangs.

Lechon Kimchi Jigae a la Marketman

15 Aug, 2011

There are a lot of Koreans who live and/or visit Cebu. Several have come into Zubuchon and stared clueless at our pictureless menus. Waiters and customers struggle to communicate, but in the end, food makes it to the table… I do feel for them, having recently ventured into a hole in the…

Chorizo, Bean & Escarole Soup a la Marketman

29 Mar, 2011

The discovery of two full heads of chicory or escarole at the Centris Sunday Market had me giddy with produce excitement… :) As I get older, I find I am more attracted to bitter flavors and crave broccoli rabe, ampalaya, arugula or radicchio, mustasa and when available, escarole. So despite my strict…

Kansi a la Marketman

01 Mar, 2011

This is the first time I have ever cooked Kansi, that Ilonggo soup redolent with beefy broth that is soured with mashed batuan, a fruit that is a cousin of mangosteen. Everyone in the house thought this was excellent. We are not Kansi experts by any measure, but as a flavorful, satisfying,…


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