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Flowers For Our First “Holiday” Dinner 2014…

23 Oct, 2014

This was a bit of a “wacky” autumn holiday dinner for close friends.

Acacia Boards a la Marketman

31 Dec, 2013

Presenting food directly on natural wooden boards seems to be all the rage on recent television cooking shows.

Our First Christmas Dinner, 2013 –The Setting/Flowers

30 Dec, 2013

The first holiday dinner of the season is ALWAYS the hardest to pull off.

Holiday Nibbles a la Marketman…

23 Dec, 2013

Pica-pica, nibbles, appetizers, antipasti, metze — whatever you call them, these pre-meal munchies are often one of my favorite parts of our festive holiday meals.

A Lamb Dinner with Friends…

25 Aug, 2013

Hearty, casual and abundant Sunday meals with friends are always a pleasure.

Elle Decoration, Philippines Edition

31 Mar, 2013

I guess if Marketman or could have a kitchen “icon”, it would almost certainly be a fishpan. :)

Holiday Dinner 2012.1 – The Setting…

12 Jan, 2013

Our first holiday dinner of the season was for twelve good friends, from at least four different faiths (Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Hindu) and varying dietary considerations.

Capiz Shells

15 Aug, 2012

One peso each.


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