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Marketman in Kyoto, Naoshima and Osaka…

16 Aug, 2017

The blog’s been quiet lately, but you can follow our progress through Kyoto, Naoshima and Osaka on my instagram account @therealmarketman or if you don’t want to sign up for instagram, just go to this webpage to view the photos and posts. Thanks!

Christmas Browsing at the Conran Shop, London

18 Dec, 2016

The draw was first the gorgeously restored Michelin building housing the Bibendum restaurant, and second, the massive Conran shop behind the landmark building.

High $1,200++, Low $16…

15 Dec, 2016

I am often fascinated with the “value” of a brand.

Castello di Grinzane Cavour

14 Dec, 2016

One of the reasons we did a side trip to Alba in the Piemontese or Piedmont region of Northern Italy was to visit the Castello di Grinzane Cavour, a modest castle with fascinating food/wine history that is now home to the Ordine dei Cavalieri del Tartufo e dei Vini di Alba (Order of the…

Hunting for White Truffles in Alba… The Spoils…

12 Dec, 2016

Back at La Casa del Trifulau after an hour hunt in the woods, our hosts/guide laid out the spoils of the day…

“Hunting” for Truffles in Alba…

12 Dec, 2016

Perhaps the main reason for our journey to Piedmont and the area around Alba, was to savor eating, and just as importantly, experience “hunting,” for the prized white truffles of the region.

Christmas Ornaments and Other Doodads at Liberty of London…

06 Dec, 2016

While on the topic of trimming trees, I thought folks might be interested in this post on the ornaments at Liberty of London, photos taken on a trip to London a while back, but never posted/published.

Agricola Gian Piero Marrone

20 Nov, 2016

After tasting wines at the local enoteca regionale of Barolo, we headed to the charming “cellars” of Agricola Gian Piero Marrone in La Morra.


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