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The Christmas Tree and Creche at the Metropolitan Museum in New York

19 Dec, 2015

The tree and creche go up every year around the holidays at the Met in New York.

Harrods Food Hall for the Holidays…

30 Nov, 2015

We have been in New York for the past week, and we’ve noticed that retail is not doing particularly well on this coast at least.

The Mayfair Hotel, London

19 Nov, 2015

The travel posts that follow are from a previous trip to London that I never wrote about. It just so happened to be exactly a year ago, so the pre-Christmas aspects of that trip slot nicely into this current timeframe.


17 Nov, 2015

We were on tenterhooks for the past two weeks as over 1,000 flights were cancelled in/out of Manila due to the APEC meeting. And we were originally scheduled to depart late today, when just about every single foreign President/Prime Minister or Head of State was scheduled to touch down, but the airline just…

What?! A Backpack?!!

17 Nov, 2015

I am one of those folks that travel with more traditional “hand carry” or “overnight” bags. I don’t like the practical roll-on bags (though I do own one) and would rather hassle with a proper bag filled with proper travel goodies. It’s just a thing. See an old post on the…

A Bit of Travel Nostalgia…

11 Sep, 2015

I found these old photos recently and they made me pause for a moment when I think about air travel then and now.

STOHRER P√Ętisserie Traiteur, Paris

18 Aug, 2015

If you told me ANY patisserie and caterer had managed to last 285 years in the same storefront, I would have guessed you were bluffing.

Dinner at Semilla, Paris

18 Aug, 2015

A friend who visits Paris often recommended Semilla, on rue de Seine, Saint Germain.


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