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You’ve Got (Junk) Mail…

13 Nov, 2016

The 1998 film featuring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan of (almost) the same title changed the way people used the phrase…

A Wine Tasting at the Enoteca Regionale del Barolo

13 Nov, 2016

An enoteca regionale is the equivalent of regional wine shop/repository that stocks many wines from a particular region, and you have a wonderful opportunity to taste a lot of what that particular region has to offer.

The charming town of Barolo

12 Nov, 2016

On our first full day in Alba, we got up refreshed after a good night’s sleep, had an excellent breakfast at the hotel, and prepared ourselves for a whirlwind tour organized by Mrs. MM with help from an Italian tour guide.

Lunch & Dinner, Villa D’Amelia…

07 Nov, 2016

We arrived well after noon, almost 2pm I think, and after 30 hours in transit, we were tired and I was very hungry.

Villa D’Amelia, Benevello, Italy

03 Nov, 2016

The journey door to door took almost 30 hours.

Alula – A fruit Basket from Tawi-Tawi, courtesy of Len Cabili

19 Sep, 2016

Mrs. MM was at the local atelier of Filip + Inna to choose a jacket from their line of their spectacular garments made from local fabrics, and Len Cabili graciously gave her this spectacular alula.

Sick as a Dog After Walking 55 kilometers in 3 days… :)

27 Aug, 2016

I used to be a pretty good walker.

There are FLAMING BALLS on my feet!!!

17 Aug, 2016

After keeping up a blistering pace walking some 65 kilometers in total over 3 days in China while on a buying trip, we decided to take a breather on our last afternoon and visited a local market and local food store before a dinner of Northeastern Chinese food.


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