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Fresh Buckwheat Noodles

11 Jun, 2016

I don’t think I have ever come across freshly made buckwheat noodles before.

To Market, To Market, in Xian, China

10 Jun, 2016

Our wonderful guide Ruixi had been previously advised that Marketman was big on markets, so she made sure that a market was on our itinerary that day.

A Fabulously Hearty Soup in an Alleyway…

08 Jun, 2016

This is an extremely rare photo of Mrs. MM sitting on a low seat in a somewhat grimy alley in Xi’an, China. Let me stress, this is NOT her comfort zone.

An Exquisite Savory Pancake in Xian…

08 Jun, 2016

On our last day in Xian, Mrs. Marketman booked a private “food tour” with Ruixi of “The Lost Plate” tours.

Street Food for Tourists on Muslim Street, Xi’an…

17 Apr, 2016

Our apartment was a five minute walk away from the Drum Tower and Muslim Street in Xi’an.

Lamb Kebabs or Skewers on Muslim Street, Xi’an

08 Apr, 2016

The lure of freshly grilled or grilling meat is almost always irresistible.

Freshly Squeezed Pomegranate Juice

07 Apr, 2016

Glistening like edible rubies in the evening light, pomegranates on display in street stalls in the muslim quarter of Xian made me stop in my tracks.

First Nibbles in Xi’an…

06 Apr, 2016

After settling into our apartment at the Citadines Central just a stone’s throw from the Drum Tower, we checked email (can get incoming, can’t send any outgoing?! on gmail), hit the local 7-11 equivalent for water and sodas, unpacked a bit, and checked out a map of the area.


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