03 Jun2015


After the croissants from Pierre Hermé, we got onto the metro (subway) and headed to the cooking supplies stores in the 1st/2nd arrondissement. If I ever won the lotto (U.S., not local Philippine one which may not be enough), I would head straight to E. Dehillerin, spend a hefty portion of the winnings, and send dozens of balikbayan boxes home filled with every cooking doodad you ever thought you would need, and several hundred more that you didn’t know existed. This store is a cook’s dream in 3D. I didn’t want to raise the ire of their salespeople, so I didn’t take any pictures inside the store, but suffice it to say you have to see it/experience it to believe it.


It isn’t known to many, but they have an on-line presence and you can order stuff from them that they will ship to you just about anywhere in the world, but that’s no fun, you have to experience the store to get the full effect. I lusted after this ham stand on a marble base displayed in the window that wasn’t really that outrageously expensive, but I realized I just couldn’t carry it (too heavy) back to the apartment AND transport it to London on a train… But my heart skipped a beat when I discovered the most amazing copper ham pots (they call them braising pots and they are rectangular in shape, see here) in the basement of the store (in 3-4 sizes!). I have wanted a ham/braising pot like this (not quite single-use utensil, but close) for years, and I decided I was going to acquire one, even if it meant lugging it back to Manila. It was, in my mind, going to be my 50th birthday present to myself. So a salesman was engaged, Mrs. MM asked him for the price of the pot, and he miraculously quoted a price of say Euro180 or so, which, while pricey, was far less than I expected this ginormous, thick and hammered copper pot that could easily fit a 24-26 pound ham.


I excitedly gestured and asked for the large pot, and he agreed to bring it up. But then, as usual, when things sound too good to be true, they often are. He came up from the basement with the most chagrined of looks that I have ever seen on a Parisian salesman’s face. He apologized profusely and said he had made a horrible mistake. THAT particular copper ham pot was more like Euro780 (Euro804 on line it seems) or so, and he was so sorry he had given us the wrong price. Oh well, much more than I could afford or wanted to pay. Maybe another time. But I did get the consuelo de bobo comment from him that only 1 or 2 of those pots are ever sold a year (hence his lack of familiarity with the right price), so I must have the most incredible taste in copper pots. I bet Martha Stewart bought the last two. She had the ham stand in one of her television programs and pointedly said she had “picked it up in Paris as her secret place”… now you know where. :)

But I didn’t leave empty handed. I got a more modest but even more useful goody at the shop. It’s what I am carrying in the last photo. Care to take a guess what it is?

P.S. And what enameled cast iron pots does E. Dehillerin display in their windows, and stock in a big way in their basement? Staub. Not Le Creuset. :)

A few more photos of the windows and their contents…


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  1. millet says:

    leave me there and come back for me in five years! so this is where all the copper things are…i love all those copper pans and molds, and have been looking for a tacho (to cook jams in).

    Jun 3, 2015 | 7:46 am


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  3. Alilay says:

    the hanging cast iron thingie on the last photo looks like an aebelskilver pan

    Jun 3, 2015 | 8:54 am

  4. artisan chocolatier says:

    I’ll be happy with the multi-layer cooling rack on display

    Jun 3, 2015 | 11:04 am

  5. artisan chocolatier says:

    looks like you’re holding a braising pan

    Jun 3, 2015 | 11:12 am

  6. ami says:

    I agree with artisan chocolatier that it’s a braising pan.

    Jun 3, 2015 | 11:24 am

  7. Kasseopeia says:

    Note to self: leave credit cards at home when visiting this place.

    What’s that in your hand, MM? I’m guessing a large(r) Staub enameled pot for a ginormous pot of chili crab. :)

    Jun 3, 2015 | 2:14 pm

  8. Tes Z says:

    Wow love this store! I even saw my last purchase from this store, in your last photo. Going thru the post just made me smile and wish to be back.

    Jun 3, 2015 | 5:27 pm

  9. Isa says:

    The way you are carrying it, it looks very light. Maybe a bread/fruit basket or a much much lighter deep braising pan.

    Jun 3, 2015 | 8:12 pm

  10. Cindy says:

    Im guessing MM that it is a hammered copper jam pan =) Lucky you!

    Jun 5, 2015 | 10:01 pm

  11. Marketman says:

    Cindy, BINGO!! Good guess, it’s the largest one they had! Jam here I come. It’s wider at the top than the bottom, so the steam can leave the jam more readily… :)

    Jun 6, 2015 | 12:32 am


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