09 Oct2012

Give Up Tomorrow

by Marketman

If you only watch ONE movie this year, this is the film to watch. I mean that. I feel terrible and somehow remiss that I didn’t manage to see the film sooner, as today is its last day in local theaters. But if you can get to the limited cinemas that it is showing in (it’s still at Greenbelt today) later today, do it. I wish I saw it on the first day so I could have written this post then. But if you miss it, look out for it on a DVD or some other venue. I hope it is also dubbed in Tagalog and played for a broader Filipino audience as I am certain the story will resonate with so many others who are/were victims of injustice. Several of my nephews and nieces know Paco LarraƱaga, the subject of the film, and I think one of them even executed an affidavit that she saw him in Manila on the night of the alleged murders. I have always believed what my niece has said about the case, and in my opinion, Paco was innocent of the crime that he has languished in prison for ever since. I have turned off the comments section to this post as I wish there to be no discussion for or against; this is not the appropriate place for that. I have simply stated my OPINION, and I strongly believe he is innocent. If there comes a day when that opinion proves to be factually correct, I hope the people who persecuted Mr. LarraƱaga and sent him to jail find that there is a truly special place in hell reserved for them.


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