16 Jun2005

Grand Central Market

by Marketman

My posts from New York will end soon as I prepare to gc1hurtle back to Manila at just under the speed of sound… can you imagine how much junk would end up in the ears of Superman if he flew from Washington, DC to New York City to rescue Lois Lane from a burning skyscraper??? At any rate, I intend to cram half a dozen or so entries into the next two days, make my way back to Manila, miraculously avoid any jet lag whatsoever and report on the Manila market scene and produce finds once again… But first, a quick post on the Grand Central Market, a superb alley of several dozen fine food purveyors that is tucked into one side of the recently refurbished (and spectacular) Grand Central Station at 42nd street and Lexington Avenue. When the building was refurbished, several upscale retailers and fine food purveyors were invited to locate here to capture an affluent market of tens of thousands of commuters that passes through the station each day.

The long alley that has dozens of food purveyors include cheese counters, gc2fish mongers, butchers, condiments, salads, vegetables, coffees and teas, prepared meals or dishes, flowers, chocolates, pastries, breads, etc. Presentation is superb, selection terrific, prices a bit high but the convenience factor makes up for that. If I were still working in NYC, and lived out in the burbs that required a train commute, I could see myself buying dinner at the Grand Central Market several times a month! For tourists to New York, a quick visit to the refurbished station (the humongous lobby is worth seeing), some shopping at retailers such as the Discovery Store, Barnes & Noble, and the Grand Central Market would be a worthwhile few hours. If you have been keeping track of my posts so far, I have indeed tried to take you as many sections of the city as I possibly can on such a short visit… gotta jump into a cab and get to more food stores!



  1. schatzli says:

    I will keep this New York diary of yours as a future
    reference, reading your posts make me itch to visit the other side of the pond just for culinary feasts……

    I have read all these places while I was in Aspen years back and how much I wished we have pushed then our plans to
    visit NY we just kept returning to the west coast.

    Look forward to your Manila posts again!
    Am in York, UK, the Royal Ascot has been temporarily moved up here and it was great walking in town seeing elegant men with tail coats, top hats, brollies while the women have all displayed elegant hats!

    Jun 17, 2005 | 8:08 am


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