14 Feb2005

Grilled Tanguigue is easy, delicious and very healthy. atang3Have your fishmonger slice Tanguigue steaks about ¾ inch thick (too thin and it will cook too fast and dry out, too thick and the outside will burn before the inside is cooked). You should get 5 or 6 steaks per kilo (180-200 grams each) or roughly P40 each at P200 per kilo. Keep this refrigerated until a few minutes before cooking.

Light a charcoal fire and wait for it to get nice and hot. Take the Tanguigue out of the fridge and drizzle with good olive oil and season generously with salt and pepper. atang1Just before grilling, drizzle the steaks with balsamic vinegar (brush to coat all surfaces if you are anal about an even browned finish). Place on a hot grill and cook for just a few minutes depending on the temperature of the fire. Once it has browned slightly and has some nice grill marks turn the steaks over carefully and cook the other side until just done. Remove and put on a warm platter. It’s best if you turn this only once unless you are trying to achieve a fancy cross-hatch of grill marks.

A brief note on local grilling habits… many of our staff prefer to completely dry out anything they barbecue or fry. The stuff is nearly petrified and literally bounces if dropped on a stone floor. atang2Perhaps this harks back to a fear of disease from uncooked pork or other meat and it is really difficult to convince them to barbecue meats and fish until they are just cooked. But it is not impossible: I currently have a crew of three trusty grillers that could compete with any of the best globally. It must be a guy thing, think cavemen torching their recently caught wild beast. Part of the employee initiation program at our house is the need to learn how I like to grill my food.

Before grilling the fish which takes just a few minutes, you may want to prepare a salsa, relish or accompaniment. atang4While it is great on it’s own, it can use a partner. In this photo, I pair it with a spicy green mango and chili salad with a fish sauce dressing. To make, chop up green mango. Add some chopped sili labuyo or bird’s eye chilies. Then add good fish sauce (I use Thai), a little brown sugar and chopped coriander or wansoy. Some lime if you like. Mix and let sit for at least 15 mintues for the flavors to blend. Spoon a small amount over the fish and serve with rice. Alternatively, you can sauté lots of onions until soft and drizzle balsamic vinegar on them until the liquid evaporates and the onions are a nice golden brown. Add some salt and put this over the fish.

Another easy way to prepare this fish is to fry it up and once cooked remove to a platter. Prepare a quick sweet and sour sauce and pour over the fish. Serve with rice.



  1. susie says:

    Photo and recipe look yummy. Salamat. Will try it out on our new grill.

    Feb 15, 2005 | 10:23 am


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