08 Nov2005


Sometimes anonymity and a hint of mystery are best. We can focus on the details we want… food, produce, markets, etc… without the attendant baggage that humans bring to any equation… upbringing, education, work experience, sassiness, physical traits, affiliations, etc. It is, in fact, possible to agree fully with one’s viewpoint of the world from the point of view of vegetables, olive oils or nuts without knowing anything else about the person who espouses that view. When all the details are not apparent, our bizarre minds make them up to suit our own view of the person/ situation/world; in the same way that dotted lines are inevitably connected in our minds to form a better picture of the whole. That’s why shadows leave so much more to the imagination and we can fill in the blanks any way we like. But maybe, just maybe, it’s time for a Market Manila reader get together…what do you think???

I have been toying with the idea of a get together in Manila for several weeks. Some readers have actively lobbied for it. So here is the deal… First, I am floating this somewhat outrageous idea of interested Market Manila readers getting together for a merienda, market meet or lunch/dinner and seeing what the reaction is like (please leave a comment if you are interested in participating). Second, based on the reactions and numbers, I will or will not set a date and venue and post that information (if it happens, it will be late November before the Christmas rush). Readers will be asked to confirm their attendance and we will work out logistical issues such as time and cost. The goal is a simple get together of like minds… folks for whom food is a major part of their psyche and who wish to meet the other folks who leave such insightful comments on the website! For those based abroad, over 65% of my readers, you will have to buy a ticket to Manila to participate…or you can just read about it in the post get together write-up!



  1. Hchie says:

    Splendid idea,MM! Will be flying to Manila 3rd week, maybe I can catch this.

    Nov 8, 2005 | 12:22 pm


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  3. rina says:

    sniff sniff….i guess i’ll be among those who will have to be content with just reading about the meet-up…may the food force be with you!

    Nov 8, 2005 | 12:31 pm

  4. ivyjelly says:

    this is my first post but i’ve been a lurker for a long time. interested ako dito kaso, i will be leaving the country this week!!! post na lang po ng pics!

    Nov 8, 2005 | 1:27 pm

  5. Ellen says:

    boohooo….why didn’t u have this idea when i was there MM? i would’ve loved to have attended. I’ve always wondered if there was any ‘meet-ups’ with food bloggers and now you’re actually going to have one. sighhhh….oh well…i’ll just have to be content reading about it *pout*

    Nov 8, 2005 | 1:50 pm

  6. ajienaissant says:

    Im in! Im In!

    Nov 8, 2005 | 1:56 pm

  7. ajyoung says:

    That would be great MM. Im sure a lot will be interested. At last after more than a year of everyday checking your wonderful recipes and stories, i will be able to meet Mr Marketman. Cant wait!!! :)

    Nov 8, 2005 | 2:03 pm

  8. Gigi says:

    Uuuy. You’re really gonna come out of the woodwork eh? Should we bring gifts of myrrh? ;)
    You know my answer my answer to your question, MM.

    Haven’t been posting because I was away from the keyboard the whole of last week!

    Nov 8, 2005 | 2:14 pm

  9. oscar says:

    *like an eager dory in finding nemo*

    oh! me! me! me!

    hopefully it’s a weekend. but i’ll be excited anytime.

    Nov 8, 2005 | 3:12 pm

  10. Mila says:

    Please, sir, hold the eyeball.

    Would be lovely, hope it happens. I would love to attend if it does take place.

    Nov 8, 2005 | 3:21 pm

  11. fried-neurons says:

    Inggit! I’d attend if I were in Manila. But I’ll have to settle for just reading about it. *sigh*

    Nov 8, 2005 | 4:24 pm

  12. schatzli says:

    I have been waiting for this MM, however, since I am thousand miles away I will just die of envy and read the write up.

    I just arrived as well and am off to Deutschland for gustatory delight.

    Soon blog is up am doing a revamp and it was impossible to blog with life afloat.

    Nov 8, 2005 | 4:51 pm

  13. avatar says:

    I will attend with my wife, if that’s permitted.

    Nov 8, 2005 | 5:34 pm

  14. mira says:

    i’d like to join too! count me in Marketman!

    Nov 8, 2005 | 6:18 pm

  15. edee says:

    huhuhuhuhu……..pag natuloy, pwede may kasunod, and plan it far in advance para ma-plano ko pag-uwi namin….inggit talaga ako :(

    Nov 8, 2005 | 6:39 pm

  16. IvanM says:

    As one of the few ‘priviledged’ who has the met man himfelf, I think its now the right time to put the face(s) behind the name(s)… and besides, MM, it would be great to hook-up with you again! ;o)

    Nov 8, 2005 | 7:17 pm

  17. victoria dazon says:

    I’m in too except that I’m thousand miles away. Perhaps we can have a live internet-cast of this event? Moving forward, maybe you can talk of having this as a regular meet to be held in different places – Manila, Cebu, NYC, SFO, and even Pennsylvania?

    Nov 8, 2005 | 9:45 pm

  18. Wilson Cariaga says:

    wow i hope i can come. . . this will be great

    Nov 9, 2005 | 12:25 am

  19. ANNE says:

    Count me in!!! So that i can file my leave asap :))

    Nov 9, 2005 | 12:33 am

  20. belle says:

    Yihey!!!Finally the mystery will soon be over. Will soon see the famous Marketman behind this foodblog. You just don’t know how may fans have been looking forward to this. I hope this would be a regular event(if you don’t mind) coz for sure a lot of people are looking forward to this.
    Will block all appointments for that special day. Can’t wait:)

    Nov 9, 2005 | 7:54 am

  21. ichabod says:

    count me in! Hope it’s a weekend though!

    Nov 9, 2005 | 8:04 am

  22. rose aka sofia says:

    Sama ako!

    Nov 9, 2005 | 10:13 am

  23. acidboy says:

    good idea, mm… just wondering though, with a bunch of foodies meeting up, ang hirap siguro pumili ng venue. hehehe

    Nov 9, 2005 | 10:32 am

  24. mita says:

    Where are you guys going? Galileo Enoteca looks perfect..either for eating, wine tasting or shopping. How I wish I could join you! Take a lot of photos and post it for the rest of us stuck somewhere else around the world…

    Nov 9, 2005 | 2:25 pm

  25. Karen says:

    Book Loyola Gym for the eyeball, MM! It might even be too small for your fans. ;)

    Nov 9, 2005 | 2:59 pm

  26. marisa says:

    Great idea! Wish I was there… sigh… but have fun guys!!!

    Nov 9, 2005 | 3:17 pm

  27. Marketman says:

    You are all too kind or too funny… probably less than a dozen will show up. I was in fact thinking Enoteca Galileo or the Salcedo Saturday Market as a venue… but let’s see what happens…

    Nov 9, 2005 | 3:22 pm

  28. suzette says:

    wow! great idea! i’m excited :)

    Nov 9, 2005 | 4:30 pm

  29. mojitodrinker says:

    sounds good. hope i can make it…

    Nov 9, 2005 | 5:24 pm

  30. Alicia says:

    Sounds great! This could be the beginning of something wonderful! Possibly market tours with the Marketman? A Marketman recipe/coffee table book?(this was suggetsed before)Cooking or food preparation lessons and tasting offered by Marketman? Better call your agent soon.. ha ha!

    Nov 9, 2005 | 10:09 pm

  31. stefoodie says:

    man, i always miss out on the good stuff! PLEASE post pics at least, for those who are abroad:(

    Nov 10, 2005 | 4:00 am

  32. lee says:

    yeah post pics please for those abroad. like me, from bacolod city, soo abroad.
    have fun

    Nov 10, 2005 | 10:30 am

  33. linda says:

    what a great concept! but,won’t be able to make it at such a short notice. will be content to read about it. pls. pls. post pics or better still a dvd or video of this special occasion. how exciting! i have 4 orders of dvd na.

    Nov 10, 2005 | 1:17 pm

  34. Frayed says:

    I’ve been meaning to ask some of my friends who have stalls at Salcedo Market if they know who “Market Man” is. I’m in if it’s at the market.

    Nov 10, 2005 | 2:01 pm

  35. acidboy says:

    no! please have the eb at night so we could also have some wine to go with our dinner. please.

    Nov 10, 2005 | 4:19 pm

  36. grace says:

    great!!! will finally meet the mysterious MM.

    Nov 10, 2005 | 5:06 pm

  37. joey says:

    Hi Market Man! I have been missing in action for a while but what a pleasant surprise to come back to! :) I’m in too! Yahoo!

    Nov 10, 2005 | 9:07 pm

  38. Woody says:

    Great! I’ll be back in Manila towards the end of the month. I’m in if I’m back by then. Sana week-day because I go out of town every week-end, but I think I’m the only one who feels this way!

    Nov 11, 2005 | 1:21 am

  39. teddy montelibano says:

    great idea, marketman! as long as this doesn’t happen 25th-27th november, i’d like to join up and meet you and other kindred spirits! my top choice for a meeting place would be the saturday market at salcedo; ive also just discovered the newly renovated Magnum in Greenbelt 2 with a quite terrific new, easier-in-the-pocket menu comprised of bistro food offerings by chef humphrey navarro (who’s also chef de cuisine in the much more expensive Parallel 45 along Samat in Mandaluyong) which i’d strongly recommend for a meeting place – anytime, either lunch or dinner, weekday or weekend. there is also a wide selection of very good wines, both new and old world, in the place. galileo enoteca likewise sounds interesting. i’ll go along with what the majority decides upon – as long as it doesn’t happen 25th-27th november. looking forward, marketman!

    Nov 11, 2005 | 8:26 am

  40. marie says:

    count me in! i’ve also been M.I.A. for a while, but i’m glad i caught this post. i don’t really like driving at night so i prefer the salcedo market, but let’s see. Dying to meet up with fellow foodies and learn learn learn…i also haven’t been cooking much, work getting in the way :), so i’d be perfectly happy to just soak it all up instead.

    Nov 11, 2005 | 9:23 am

  41. ENYA says:

    Count me in! Count me in!

    Sali ako, Mr. MM! I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

    Attend ako jan! Yahoo!!!

    Nov 11, 2005 | 3:23 pm

  42. Booey says:

    I’m in! Just lemme know when and where!

    Nov 11, 2005 | 4:08 pm

  43. Chris says:

    I’m in!

    Nov 11, 2005 | 7:51 pm

  44. stefoodie says:

    haha, marketman, mukhang panahon na for a marketman forum ah. i think you’re at least as popular as clotilde of chocolateandzucchini, maybe even more, judging by the # of locals who want to see you!!!

    Nov 11, 2005 | 8:08 pm

  45. kid says:

    hi marketman! if you have the get together can i bring some of my friends with me if they want to come? just to make the number of people bigger….heeheehee! :) good luck on the get toghether.

    Nov 11, 2005 | 8:26 pm

  46. Marketman says:

    That last comment is by my oldest youngest fan… my daughter who has visited marketmanila since the day it started (though sporadically), and at 10, in the “do not eat too many none-legged items” stage of life… stefoodie, email comments lang yan, let’s see if anyone really turns up, baka I will be in an empty restaurant by myself :) … Gosh, and for all those interested participants… we just have to plan something soon…

    Nov 11, 2005 | 9:29 pm

  47. kulasa says:

    Post the date and place and will try to be there. I really enjoy this site.

    Nov 11, 2005 | 9:49 pm

  48. lori says:

    Hi MarketMan,
    I’m a lurker on your site. Love that shadow-on-the-swimming-pool shot. Mysterious. I myself run my own food website, and I must say that it’s always a humbling and enlightening experience to meet like-minded food people.

    Nov 12, 2005 | 5:50 am

  49. Marketman says:

    lori, just sneaked a peak at your website… fantastic! Such appetizing photographs and terrific write-ups! If I start reading your blog daily I will gain another 5 pounds in a few weeks! kulasa, will keep you posted…

    Nov 12, 2005 | 7:27 am

  50. Bubut says:

    Hello Marketman, pls count me in. Salcedo Saturday market or Legaspi / SanLo Sunday Market is a good venue. See you !

    Nov 12, 2005 | 8:36 am

  51. kid says:

    Hi! i think, if you all just wanted to know, that’s about 28 people that said yes. just if you wanted to know, again….. :)

    Nov 13, 2005 | 10:49 am


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