15 Feb2007

Update: We’ve moved! Yahoo, so far so good…

This website is finally being moved to a new, faster and hopefully far more reliable host. Over the next three days, nearly a thousand posts and several thousand photos will be “transferred” to our new home. I am told by my brilliant tech consultant that there may be glitches, slowdowns and possibly even temporary loss of access to the site over the next three days. I apologize for this service interruption, but this is truly for the better. In the longer term, we shall all be happier. While I am going to refrain from adding new posts for the next three days to ensure an smoother transfer, please feel free to check out some of my older posts (there are nearly 1,000 in the archives) if you get Marketmanila withdrawal symptoms… Wish us luck and I hope things will start to get better next week though continued bugs and glitches may be likely for several more days… Thanks!!!



  1. kaye says:

    aaaaw.. it’s quite sad to hear that we would miss your blogs for a couple of days but if it’s for the better then am more than willing to wait!! congrats in advance! hehehehe!

    Feb 15, 2007 | 9:41 pm


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  3. Maria Clara says:

    Thanks for the heads up and looking forward to your next and future vibrant, brilliant, witty and delicious blogs!

    Feb 16, 2007 | 1:54 am

  4. Kieran says:


    Good luck on your move. May the all-powerful and fickle tech gods smile upon you and on this blog.

    I look forward to your new digs…

    Feb 16, 2007 | 3:17 am

  5. wendell says:

    Goodluck on your site’s exodus MM!

    Feb 16, 2007 | 6:58 am

  6. Fran says:

    That’s great MarketMan! I couldn’t access your posts for a few days a couple weeks ago and was very disappointed. With most blogs I read, I would have just deleted the feeds and not worried about missing a few posts. With yours I left the feeds unread in my newsreader so I would be reminded to read them when the site was accessible.

    Feb 16, 2007 | 6:59 am

  7. linda says:

    Good luck,MM!

    Feb 16, 2007 | 7:36 am

  8. Blance says:

    Goodluck I will await for your site successfully return….

    Feb 16, 2007 | 8:01 am

  9. Teresa says:

    Wow! congratulation on your new “home”. I look forward to your next post under your faster and more reliable host. Hopefully we get to see more enticing photos of your creations. Keep writing! Happy V-day from New Jersey!

    Feb 16, 2007 | 9:03 am

  10. marky says:

    Wow! congratulations MM, Lori (dessert comes first) transfered to new site too. everybody seems to be making some changes.

    Feb 16, 2007 | 12:31 pm

  11. danney league says:

    Hello Marketman,

    What is the name of the new home or website so that I can always keep in touch with everyone? By the way I am presently assigned to Mexican Baja California Cruise. In Sept till 2008 I will be the ship’s ambassador onboard Rhapsody of the Seas and my new cruise assignment is Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Bora Bora, Tahiti, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, China, Hongkong, Korea and Singapore. I can always go home and visit my family in the Sta. Rosa, Laguna. I hope to see the friends I met in the last eyeball in Market Market. Can anyone tells me the new home for Lori’s dessertcomefirst site.Thanks

    Feb 18, 2007 | 9:59 am

  12. Marketman says:

    danney, my address for marketmanila is the same, only the host has changed which means my “back office” of sorts! Also, if you go to Lori’s old site, you will be forwarded to her new site as well…

    Feb 18, 2007 | 10:42 am

  13. danney league says:

    Thank you so much for the quick response. Sorry for the grammar. When we are at work, we tend to do our personal e-mail quickly and patago baka isipin ng staff ko I’m a bad role model. I’m going home in June and will go for 3 months grand vacation and I hope to see you again. Thank you. I took a quick look at Lori’s new site. Thanks for letting me know. I’m here in Los Angeles as usual.

    Feb 18, 2007 | 10:54 am


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