17 Jan2008

Meals at Sister’s…

by Marketman


It’s hard to top a fine meal at Per Se, or is it? On the recent trip to New York, we stayed at a rented an apartment, a stone’s throw from Central Park. But we ate most of our main meals at Sister’s, two blocks away, and frankly, the volume of food that was prepared in a few short days was utterly mind-boggling. I figured I would just post a sample of the goodies we had over Christmas, to give you a feel… Up top, a Kuegelhof or gugelhupf, an Austrian Coffee Cake with almonds, raisens or dried fruit and lots of powdered sugar. The raisens were pre-soaked in rhum, and she used a remonce (filling) of almond paste and butter. It was light, tasty and a great merienda item, enjoyed with coffee or tea. It sat out on the dessert table one day, inviting all who dropped by to just cut a slice to munch on… delicious.


One of the first meals we had was a fantastic 23+ pound free range fresh (not frozen) turkey from upstate New York. We didn’t do a “Thanksgiving Turkey” last November so this was a nice surprise. And turkey is always so wonderful as leftovers when you have crowds around… sandwiches, tetrazini, etc. I was so jet-lagged that night, I don’t actually recall what we had with the turkey, besides the stuffing, and I don’t have any photos. But the turkey was juicy and very tasty… I think there is a huge difference between a fresh rather than a frozen turkey…


For another evening meal, dinner started off some smoked trout, with a creme fraiche and horseradish spiked sauce, and a side salad of thinly sliced fennel, green apple and radicchio with a mustardy vinaigrette. I love smoked fish and this one was moist and smokey… a perfect foil for the slightly bitter radicchio and bracing fennel and vinaigrette!


A slow braised pot of humongous short ribs (a Mrs. MM favorite) emerged from the kitchen and this was served with polenta, carrots and peas. The photo is horrific but I included it nonetheless because I was so stunned by the size of the short ribs!


For dessert, a classic thick cheesecake served with a mixture of berries and whipped cream…


Another dinner started off with this enormous seafood salad, chockfull of mussels, shrimp, etc. And if that wasn’t to one’s liking…


…a second platter of just shrimp in a creamy dressing and served with flying fish roe was the other choice that evening… yowks, I had double servings of BOTH appetizers!


Osso Buco a la Milanese was the main course…


…while broccoli rabe and some risotto were served alongside.


For dessert, how about this perfect looking and tasting pecan pie, with a LOT of freshly picked pecans…


Or an apple clafouti-ish type dessert… which I now realize I didn’t manage to try that evening… And yes, these were only some of the meals we had in a few days in New York… I think Sister’s kitchen could give Per Se a run for its money, don’t you???… :)



  1. Silly Lolo says:

    Uh, does Sister accept reservations? Her taste seems impeccable!

    Jan 17, 2008 | 9:03 pm


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  3. Lady Madonna says:

    Did she prepare all of the dishes herself?
    Impressive MM!!!

    Jan 17, 2008 | 9:41 pm

  4. The Knittymommy says:

    I guess the flair does run in your family. These are fantastic dishes, who cares about the photos! What a great way to celebrate the Holidays with family.

    Jan 17, 2008 | 10:52 pm

  5. betty q. says:

    …I am in awe at the fabulous dishes you prepared, sister!…and those desserts, I’m speechless!!!…I would consider it an HONOR if I could meet you one day. I told my wonderful husband that the first thing I would like to do after I get my knees fixed and am able to walk again is to go to NEW YORK!

    Jan 18, 2008 | 1:30 am

  6. Maria Clara says:

    All I can say oh, ha, wow, amazing, fabulous, fantastic, marvelous, magnificent food, Chinaware, linen and stemware. Sister you blow me away! Sister is a woman of great form and packed with lots of substance. Sister your food is a real gala!

    Jan 18, 2008 | 1:42 am

  7. Gina says:

    Sister’s culinary talent is prodigious! Did she bake the Austrian coffee cake, pecan pie and clafoutis herself? They are flawlessly executed. And I love the fall-themed China in gold and burgundy. Exquisite.

    Jan 18, 2008 | 2:06 am

  8. mikel says:

    wow, all the pics look good enough to eat!

    Jan 18, 2008 | 2:41 am

  9. cwid says:

    You’re my idol, sister!

    Jan 18, 2008 | 2:46 am

  10. NewYorker says:

    Reading and viewing the pictures of the beautifully prepared dishes has inspired me to start planning my next holiday dinner.

    Jan 18, 2008 | 5:05 am

  11. sonia says:

    did sister cook all the dishes by herself . . . including all those fabulous, magnificent, awesome etc etc desserts?

    ah! to have a sister like sister!
    thanks once again for sharing your new york culinary experiences with us

    Jan 18, 2008 | 5:13 am

  12. Marketman says:

    Hi everyone, YES, all of the stuff was cooked or baked by sister, single-handedly. She has a small (city) kitchen, a Viking stove, and an incredible amount of cooking paraphernalia. With her housekeeper out the week of Christmas, this was all done without any assistance… she probably cooked more that week than the entire apartment building she lives in! :)

    Jan 18, 2008 | 6:15 am

  13. MrsKookie says:

    Beautiful. From the choice of food, the dinnerware used. I’m guessing Sister is older than you, Marketman. You’re lucky that she takes care of you and your family well.

    Yummy photos. I haven’t had breakfast and that is just what I didn’t need now :)

    Jan 18, 2008 | 6:17 am

  14. Guia says:

    Your sister is quite remarkable. Such taste & talent! Warm regards.

    Jan 18, 2008 | 6:31 am

  15. elaine says:

    Sister, how do you manage to plan your menu? It’s quite impressive, from the xmas dinner to the succeeding ones after…probably like marketman, you must have a wonderful cookbook collection, ate at good restos and experimented a lot in your kitchen…the photos indeed speak volume! I would love to try the apple clafouti(?)and the seafood salad, they’re whetting my appetite as I’m typing….:)

    Jan 18, 2008 | 6:56 am

  16. gemma says:

    I agree that using fresh turkey makes a huge difference. I used a fresh, organic, free range, turkey (murray’s) last thanksgiving and it resulted in the moistest turkey minus all the chemicals normally found in good ol’ butterball. slathered lots of butter and cooked it breast side down. we’re not turkey people but my family (3 adults) managed to consume a 15 pound turkey and some of the trimmings in one sitting. it was that good.

    Jan 18, 2008 | 7:03 am

  17. wil-b cariaga says:

    WOW. .. isn’t this a SUPERB meal!!! it’s all perfect. . . from appetizers to desserts. . . mmmmmmmmm, i miss pecan pie and smoked trout. . . forgive me because i eat the fish with tomato and onions. . . hehe just to feel like im eating tinapa when i dont have it, but i prefer this because its tender and juicy and i dont have to take off the bones. . .

    Jan 18, 2008 | 7:56 am

  18. lee says:

    I’m your long lost brother and I’m hungry.

    Jan 18, 2008 | 8:11 am

  19. lee says:

    I am your long lost brother and I’m hungry.

    Jan 18, 2008 | 8:20 am

  20. virgie says:

    Sister, you’re something else. MM you’re so lucky!

    Jan 18, 2008 | 8:24 am

  21. Tricia says:

    Lee, that was funny!

    Jan 18, 2008 | 8:40 am

  22. chunky says:

    will work for food…at sister’s place. can you please sponsor me?

    Jan 18, 2008 | 9:51 am

  23. dee bee says:

    yep, definitely agree that Sister’s kitchen can give Per Se a run for it’s money…

    would you and sister consider adding a special section in your blog covering what sister produces out of her kitchen? maybe called “Sister’s Kitchen”? that would be so cool :))

    Jan 18, 2008 | 10:02 am

  24. rocoi says:

    good taste run in the MM family!

    Jan 18, 2008 | 10:13 am

  25. CecileJ says:

    Echoing dee bee: Sister, would you consider starting a blog? It’ll be my next best favorite after MarketManila! Hehe!

    MM,you are one lucky brother!!!!!

    Jan 18, 2008 | 10:18 am

  26. Lei says:

    I agree with dee bee, we hope that Sister would post more of her recipes more frequently here. In fact, whenever she makes her once in a while ‘appearance’ on this blog, I always read very well and digest her advices in cooking.

    Jan 18, 2008 | 10:35 am

  27. dyanie says:

    MM, you’re so lucky to have a sister like her! :)

    Jan 18, 2008 | 10:35 am

  28. Jennifer says:

    Sister, please feed me…

    Jan 18, 2008 | 10:37 am

  29. elaine says:

    P.S., Sister, you always give valuable inputs and I always read them well too!!!

    Jan 18, 2008 | 11:16 am

  30. Blaise says:

    At this point, I haven’t read your post yet, I was just in awe looking at the pictures.. I could tell you really had a wonderful time..

    Oh Sister, how do I become like you?? :)

    Jan 18, 2008 | 12:02 pm

  31. Mandy says:

    your sister’s amazing! i love her china too. :)

    Jan 18, 2008 | 12:10 pm

  32. chris says:

    Gosh, if my sisters were anything like your sister, I never would have become a chef and just contented myself with her cooking! To cook all that food alone is no small feat. Congratulations! (I am curious, did she at least have a dishwasher? hehe)

    Jan 18, 2008 | 12:30 pm

  33. Pebs says:

    Wow! Just…WOW!!!
    I thought I could prepare a pretty decent meal for my parents, brother, and sisters, but looking at those pictures and reading the descriptions…..WOW, Sister, you blow me away!

    Jan 18, 2008 | 12:49 pm

  34. rhea says:

    beautiful food, beautiful china….perfect!

    Jan 18, 2008 | 12:50 pm

  35. sometime_lurker says:

    Sorry, are my eyes playing tricks on me? Single-handedly?

    I’ve two brothers.
    Sister, you make me grieve about that.

    Jan 18, 2008 | 1:23 pm

  36. bagito says:

    And if I remember correctly, MM, di ba you said Sister got sick just before you came? Makes it all the more incredible. Sister, IDOL!!!

    Jan 18, 2008 | 1:45 pm

  37. shalimar says:

    when I was living in the english country sides, we would order our turkey from the farm, you can literally choose which one you want and they would tag it, deliver it fresh to your kitchen
    and it does make a lot of difference.
    last christmas though our NYorker chef made the best roast turkey I ever tasted and we never got bored making turkey sandwiches from the left over.

    love sister’s plate…. hello from the exumas….

    Jan 18, 2008 | 2:01 pm

  38. caryn says:

    MM, would you ask your Sister if she accepts homestays? heehee.

    Jan 18, 2008 | 3:07 pm

  39. Sandy says:

    Sister, you are an inspiration. Everything is beautiful! Brava!

    Jan 18, 2008 | 3:10 pm

  40. Mila says:

    A sister’s love, what a great thing it is. Wouldn’t it be great if MM’s sister were at the next eyeball?!

    Jan 18, 2008 | 5:07 pm

  41. Pecorino says:

    Uh, and Sister stood up from her sickbed to do all this if I remember right? And without a maid too! What would she have accomplished if she were in tip-top shape, and with her maid?! You have my respect, Sister

    Jan 18, 2008 | 7:33 pm

  42. 4btiddy says:

    Yummy! What a gracious hostess Sister is! I would love to learn how to entertain from her. Can I drop in the next time I come to New York? ;)

    MM, maybe we can have a US eyeball at your sister’s place. I would be willing to fly to the East Coast just for that.

    Jan 19, 2008 | 1:43 am

  43. tnm says:

    MM, another great post! Sister, suspect you have superb organizational skills and the stamina of an athlete not to mention impeccable taste. Congratulations.

    Jan 19, 2008 | 5:08 am

  44. sonia says:

    sister — you are simply an amazing cook and hostess and a wonderful sister.
    you must love what you are doing and love your brother too! lucky MM

    Jan 19, 2008 | 5:16 am

  45. Ted says:

    may i call this “per Sis” ;-) really amazing food.

    Jan 19, 2008 | 7:17 am

  46. Belle says:

    Wow looks good!

    Jan 19, 2008 | 8:27 pm

  47. Epi says:

    And I thought I belong to a family of good cooks. Your sister is Amazing!!! I would pay to be invited to one of your family’s dinners.

    Jan 19, 2008 | 9:57 pm

  48. dhayL says:

    When would she have an open house? :)

    It’s amazing how she managed to pull everything off without any help! I can feel the LOVE she has for you MM and your family! I’m curious to know, when Sister comes back home for a visit, do you feel any pressure on what sort of meal you’re going to serve Sister? hehehe

    Jan 22, 2008 | 3:59 am

  49. soleil says:

    Okay, I can take the NRW train up, it’s a short walk. Be there soon!

    Feb 22, 2008 | 1:56 am


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