02 Mar2005

Orchid Arrangements

by Marketman

It’s really simple to brighten up a room – add some greens or fresh flowers. There are two types of people on the planet, those who appreciate something beautiful and those that can’t be bothered. orc1Those in the latter category just won’t get it, so there. There are few things more stunning than the close inspection of a flower or blossom. The color, shape, patterns and fragrance are intricate, perfect and infinite. In today’s harried, modern, commercial world we often forget to put a little bit of nature in our living spaces. And this post proves it isn’t too hard or too costly to do so. I was asked to help gussy up a friend’s home for a party/fundraiser and happily donated the flowers and time as my contribution…here are some photos of the orchid arrangements. I went down to the Dimasalang wholesale flower market and got tons of flowers including these bunches of brightly colored, locally raised orchids. At P200-250 a bunch, they were quite reasonable. I also got one stem of spectacular light green imported cymbidiums, price on request, they were a tad extravagant…

First, the red orchids. Take three simple glass vases and fill with water. orc3Balance the stems of orchids at an acute angle so that it appears just on the verge of falling out. Weight of the water in the vase will keep it steady. No leaves or other stuff required. Total time… less than five minutes. With good lighting, these look simple yet spectacular and just a tad bit unusual compared to a traditional stuff-it-deep-into-a-single-vase approach. It also works well if you have different heights of vases.

Second, the cymbidiums. Also great in a simple vase just by themselves. orc2Best placed in a spot that people will inspect closely and take note of their stunning beauty. I placed them in a bathroom beside the sink so nearly everyone who needed to use the loo would get a chance to see them and view in private. Mind you, the bathroom they were in was stunning on its own so this was just putting it over the top, so to speak. The color of these orchids was particularly striking. I believe these are either grown either in Hawaii or Thailand. If you really want to offset the color and make a larger arrangement for a non-bathroom setting, you can use dark green leaves in a sculptural arrangement and put the cymbidiums among the greens.

Finally, a more traditional type arrangement (i.e., looks like a flower shop created it…). orc4Take some large cellum leaves (they grow in many local gardens) and stick them into a base of floral foam. Then take bunches of orchids and position them in clusters in a manner that suits you. Break the rules a bit and don’t succumb to the desire to spread everything out evenly. Now, then, that wasn’t hard at all and it didn’t even take much time, did it?


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