24 Feb2005

Pear Shaped Tomatoes

by Marketman

I found these wonderful yellow and red pear shaped cherry tomatoes at peartom1the Fresh Fields’ stall (I am doing a more extensive entry on this supplier next week) at Market!Market! the other day. Like the cherry tomatoes I found several weeks ago, I find these little tomatoes to be a brilliant accent to salads. Shaped like a pear, hence their name, they pop in your mouth and have a nice tomatoey taste, albeit sometimes watery… They are also a chi-chi garnish for restaurants or caterers.

The tomatoes pictured here were yummy. Some, with a tinge of green need another day or two to ripen properly. peartom2Do not ever refrigerate your tomatoes, large or small. Just leave them out on the counter to ripen. Placing them in the fridge seems to alter the chemistry of the fruit and make it feel “mealy.” At P30 for 100 grams, these were pricey but again, it’s one of those things that you use very limited amounts of. The entire bowl pictured above has 300 grams of tomatoes that cost P90. I am thrilled to find so many new and interesting produce offerings lately…I hope it is a sign of good things to come…a far broader selection of vegetables and food items for the picky consumer. Please encourage pioneer growers and sellers by buying new and unusual items when you see them at the markets!



  1. romeo b. vitancol says:

    am interested in potential value of this variety produce. would you help me to know more about this. i.e., how to get seed or it is favorable to plant it on open field. Thank you very much.

    Apr 11, 2009 | 9:35 pm


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