13 Mar2008


The last few vegetable posts have just been “too healthy,” and I thought some folks (like Lee, among others) were probably in serious need of a nice PORK FIX. So here is a simple sandwich I made a couple of days ago from “planned leftovers”. My first experiment with barbecued baby back ribs turned out so well that I have had my eyes peeled for more baby back ribs at S&R (they don’t always stock them, I find them only once or twice a month since I only go every week or so). When I found some last week, I bought 4 half racks and immediately applied a nice dry rub and let them sit overnight in the fridge. The next day we barbecued all four racks, knowing we would only eat about 2 racks for dinner. The leftover racks were shredded for a sandwich experiment the following day.


Go buy some good bread (I used a nice baguette, but a softer roll would also work with this filling), slice it open and remove some of the insides to make way for the filling. Then heat up a medium sized pan, add some vegetable oil, throw in the shredded pork and add several tablespoons of barbecue sauce and a tablespoon or more of water to moisten and saute for a mintue or two until warmed through. Add some cracked black pepper if necessary. Fill the sandwiches and serve immediately. This was a brilliant sandwich. All of the barbecue and pork flavors were intact, and it was so simple to make and so delicious to eat. For my second sandwich, I added some reddish coleslaw and while this was a messier version, it was also incredibly good. So the next time you make barbecued short ribs, make sure you make extra for these terrific sandwiches the next day! Great in pan de sal as well, by the way…




  1. Maria Clara says:

    Love the sequencing of your post. How could I be vegan? By birthright and religious background pork is part of my dietary consumption. Good hamburger buns make a pretty good bread too for pulled pork barbecued sandwich. I like the second sandwich you fixed with coleslaw got all the work in there!

    Mar 13, 2008 | 12:03 pm


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  3. Miss Ellie says:

    Hi MarketMan!
    Enjoying your blog from North Carolina, USA, where barbecued meat (especially pork) is a sport. I must say, that is a PROPER lookin’ sandwich! I just got back from a trip to the PI and your posts and pictures make me anxious for a return trip. I love reading your blog. Keep up the excellent work!

    Mar 13, 2008 | 12:06 pm

  4. Miss Ellie says:

    Also, if you add onions and mustard to the slaw accompaniment, then you’ll have what we in the Carolinas call a complete Food Group! Looks yummy!

    Mar 13, 2008 | 12:11 pm

  5. kasseopeia says:

    Just in time for lunch! *yum*

    Maybe I should cook for my dad while he’s in Manila. He adores pork ribs. Permission to use your recipe? :)

    Mar 13, 2008 | 12:13 pm

  6. Marketman says:

    kasseopeia, of course you can try the recipe! Miss Ellie, I am sure true southerners would scoff at this fast version of pulled pork… MC, yes, we are a pork-loving nation…

    Mar 13, 2008 | 12:28 pm

  7. Deedee says:

    Am looking forward to watching Lifestyle Network this Saturday night for that replay on FOOD FINDS: The Best Barbecue…

    Mar 13, 2008 | 1:53 pm

  8. roy says:

    Hi Marketman (& others),

    Forgive me for advertising my products here…
    If S&R is not able to supply your cravings, i would gladly deliver you some.
    We have a home-based meatshop that specializes on choice cuts. We do sell baby back ribs for only P300/ kg. 1 rack (depends on size) ranges from 500gm – 1kg. You can reach me thru my email rfg_mktg@yahoo.com or my cell at 0917-8949693.

    Mar 13, 2008 | 2:04 pm

  9. Avic says:

    That really looks like a delicious recipe MM. I am going to try it this weekend. :)

    Mar 13, 2008 | 6:29 pm

  10. sister says:

    For a crowd you could try marinating a fresh ham (pork leg) or pernil (shoulder) for several days and then slow roast at 275-300 F for 4-5 hours until fork tender. Add 2 c. water in the pan when you begin to avoid drying out the meat, More meat and less ligaments plus crackling! Using a covered Le Creuset for the first 3 hours makes a very moist roast. Removeto a roasting pan for the last hour to brown the skin.

    Mar 13, 2008 | 7:43 pm

  11. Momsy says:

    hi just want to share with you guys that i tried Mr. MM’s baby back ribs recipe and its sooooooo good! Everyone in the family loved it. I told them that the recipe came from Mr. MM. Thanks Mr. MM!!!

    Mar 13, 2008 | 9:17 pm

  12. Momsy says:

    sorry.. it was sooo good :-)

    Mar 13, 2008 | 9:38 pm

  13. joey says:

    Oohlala!!! I always love your veggie posts but my heart belongs to pork :) This sounds amazing! Thank you for the “pork fix” from the bottom of my heart :)

    Mar 13, 2008 | 9:47 pm

  14. lee says:

    pork is a vegetable with a snout

    Mar 14, 2008 | 8:55 am

  15. bambi says:

    hi marketman. you may also use avocado as substitute for mayo in your sandwich. great as well for those left over roast chicken, added with lettuce leaves and thin slices of tomato. cheers!

    Mar 14, 2008 | 11:23 am

  16. jengkie says:

    oh wow! that looks yummy! never mind if it’s messy, it would all mix up in your tummy eventually! hahaha!

    Mar 14, 2008 | 3:37 pm

  17. corrine says:

    MM, your barbecue recipe says put the rub and cover with saran wrap then refrigerate overnight. Just refrigerate, not freeze? I usually freeze marinated meat because am scared it might spoil.

    Sister, marinate fresh ham for several days mean just put in the fridge and not the freezer?

    Mar 14, 2008 | 10:03 pm

  18. Marketman says:

    corrine, definitely fridge. The flavors wont penetrate the meat well if it is frozen. Even tapa and tocino should “cure” in the fridge for several days before frying. Meat can actually stay in a cold fridge for several days without risk of spoilage. But since we are in the tropics and have trouble keeping fridges nice and cold, you should be mindful of temperatures.

    Mar 15, 2008 | 12:56 pm

  19. chunky says:

    it’s about time…

    Mar 15, 2008 | 2:52 pm

  20. alilay says:

    i am making pulled pork today got 6 lbs pork shoulder for only $0.79/lb been slow cooking it since 9:00 am can’t wait for dinner

    Mar 17, 2008 | 4:47 am

  21. goodtimer says:

    I just saw some barbecued baby back ribs in SM Hypermart MOA. I wonder if you’ve tried them and if they’re any good to make sandwiches with? It’s only P260 for a long rack!

    Mar 17, 2008 | 10:33 pm


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