18 Jun2010


On a Sunday morning at the beach, I get up a little later than usual at about 7am, put on a pair of swimming trunks and sit outdoors and soak up some sun while reading a magazine or two. Before the house and crew or guests get busy, I like to take the first swim of the day. I slowly step into the tepid waters (normally cool except for the height of summer) of the tiny pool and try to figure out what to cook for lunch. So imagine my surprise when I dunked my head under water, wiped my face, put my glasses (left on the side of the pool) back on and stared straight into the eyes of this bathing frog which was just a foot away from me…


The frog was very still, so I assumed it was dead and floating near the filter water intake, but before I could move away, it blinked and changed position. Yuck. Nothing worse than that feeling that you are swimming in a limited body of water and some kids or irresponsible adults have taken a whiz in it. The thought that I was sharing water space with a frog, “childhood you will get warts stories and all”, was not appealing at all. I got out of the pool, grabbed the camera, shot a few photos of the frog and it was extracted from its little “hiding” place and put on the empty lot next door. He was probably put out that someone else had broken HIS morning routine in the pool. :)


If he was edible, I would have fried his legs. Hahaha.



  1. kaye says:

    awww… i remember the days when me and my cousins were catching farm frogs using snails as bait. my aunt would cook it for a nice meal in the province. sounds yuck but it tastes better than chicken. childhood memories. thanks for sharing. :)

    Jun 18, 2010 | 6:40 am


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  3. mayums says:

    at first i thought, “gross!” there are frogs in our own little garden; good thing we didn’t have a pool lest my son would share it with another kermit. yikes!

    he looked so peaceful in the photos, though. maybe he was really enjoying this morning routine on a hot sunny day! :P

    Jun 18, 2010 | 7:34 am

  4. millet says:


    Jun 18, 2010 | 7:36 am

  5. Betchay says:

    Yikes! What if it was a female frog laying her eggs and in a few days you find tadpoles swimming in your pool????Gross!So, is it myth or fact?…..I mean the warts and all. But honestly, I didn’t know frogs like swimming in chlorinated water so maybe you should put a net over your pool when not in use because one day you might be surprise there’s a monitor lizard or worst….a croc swimming with you! ha!ha!ha! How about birds….do they bathe in there too?do they poop in your pool?

    Jun 18, 2010 | 7:59 am

  6. BP says:

    That is a cane toad, not a frog. You cant get warts from it. You cant eat it either. They have no meat on their legs. They are a pest species in the Philippines too.

    Jun 18, 2010 | 8:10 am

  7. britelite says:

    i hate frogs and lizards!

    Jun 18, 2010 | 8:25 am

  8. melody says:

    i remember when i was taking up skin diving for my PE in UP. this was during my 1st year so i wasn’t aware of how the university pool looks like. the first time i did my laps, a kermit was swimming alongside me. needless to say, i dropped the subject, haha

    Jun 18, 2010 | 9:17 am

  9. Ley says:

    I welcome the sight of frogs nowadays for I rarely see them. Chasing after frogs and tadpoles is a major part of my childhood fond memories. I think the frog was proof that you have healthy vegetation around your house.

    Jun 18, 2010 | 9:19 am

  10. Libay says:

    and the frog thought you’re invading his turf…:)

    Jun 18, 2010 | 9:50 am

  11. Bubut says:

    you disturbed him as he was practicing for the next Olympic games… nice photos!

    Jun 18, 2010 | 9:58 am

  12. wil-b says:

    i think i have a bit of frog phobia, so if i were MM, i’d definitely jump out of the pool. . . yikes

    Jun 18, 2010 | 10:02 am

  13. Blaise says:

    Frog thought: “So you think you’re the only one having a good time relaxing, huh?” LOL.

    Jun 18, 2010 | 10:31 am

  14. Jake says:

    Maybe, Kermita the frog just wanted sweet moments with Mr. Piggy…lol.

    Jun 18, 2010 | 10:54 am

  15. Isa Garchitorena says:

    I love how you think that is gross and yet you probably swim in the ocean! Millions (or billions ) of animals live and poop in the ocean … and we swim in it without a thought. One little froggy in your swimming pool – not that big a deal really :) Good for you for saving it though!

    Jun 18, 2010 | 11:12 am

  16. Mom-Friday says:

    I would have screamed! Hahaha!
    And Isa, you are right, we still love swimming in the sea/beach despite the “others” living in it :D

    Jun 18, 2010 | 11:20 am

  17. Rob says:

    I thought we were going to be treated with a step-by-step recipe for Betute Tugak from Pampanga.

    Jun 18, 2010 | 11:41 am

  18. franco says:

    Nice pool! I envy you and your early retirement.

    Jun 18, 2010 | 12:23 pm

  19. Jen says:

    Hi market man!

    First i envy because you could swim, Second…i agree with you if i could just get the legs and and i’ll fry it and dip it in a nice dill mayo.. with an ice cold beer..yum yum :)

    Jun 18, 2010 | 1:58 pm

  20. Jake Speed says:

    that was a good shot of an irate frog. :)

    Jun 18, 2010 | 2:01 pm

  21. jacob's_human says:

    I really miss the rib-it, rib-it of the frogs back home. Frogs, toads & lizards seem to like it when you rub the sides of their bellies. They have THAT look. (Wow, the things I used to do when I was a little girl….)

    Jun 18, 2010 | 2:13 pm

  22. andy says:

    In the visayas they do eat them, but only the legs. I did’nt beleive it at first, until i saw our farm boys catching some, and after carefully removing their poisonous glands, deep frying the legs for their dinner.

    Jun 18, 2010 | 3:21 pm

  23. Sarah says:

    Eeeeek, I hate frogs! The same thing happened to me when I was a kid. I think it triggered my frog phobia.

    Jun 18, 2010 | 4:26 pm

  24. Connie C says:

    Eeeek, MM. It was only in your pool! what if it was sitting in your john, in the bowl! like what happened to me at 2 AM before I rested my posterior in the toilet seat to empty my bladder. Luckily ……or I WOULD HAVE AWAKENED THE WHOLE OF PUERTO PRINCESA, I turned on the light and saw what creature was sharing the john with me! Going out to the inner deck of the house to cross over to the kitchen to get a cold drink, a bat swoops right in front of my nose. All this the same morning! You can’t get any closer to nature than that! If, but for the grace of the universe, think of the horror of where a budding wart could/might be!!!! TRUE STORY.

    Jun 18, 2010 | 6:00 pm

  25. kittel says:

    I used to be scared of frogs or toads.But when I took up Zoology as one of my classes, we were dissecting toads left and right. That took care of the phobia. The frog probably thought you were the intruder in its special place.Pretty good pictures!

    Jun 18, 2010 | 9:44 pm

  26. Footloose says:

    Connie C, you’re Puerto Princesa tales are truly astounding. It would have been really remarkable if the frog actually made contact with your lips and right there and then turned to a prince. Well worth the risk of getting a wart anywhere I’d say.

    Jun 18, 2010 | 9:51 pm

  27. Connie C says:

    Yikes Footloose, I did not even put my head close to the bowl, but it could have been the wrong lips! Sorry, MM ,don’t mean to be risque.

    Jun 18, 2010 | 10:05 pm

  28. ros says:

    Good thing the little froggy didn’t encounter someone like this:

    Jun 18, 2010 | 10:44 pm

  29. QueerSilver says:

    he looks very serene.

    Jun 19, 2010 | 2:29 am

  30. teny says:

    When i was kid, my family and I ate at chinatown by the estero and they made me try frogs legs. that was my first exxerience eating frogs. Good thing it did not give me tummy or mouth warts :)

    Jun 19, 2010 | 5:58 am

  31. mbw says:

    frogs have feelings too :-)…and they balance the ecosystem.

    Jun 19, 2010 | 8:16 am

  32. betty q. says:

    Connie C: …MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …..I most certainly cannot top that! If that is your typical day at Hacienda Kudyapi, I am going to plan a visit pretty soon!

    Sorry MM, ….pasingit…didn’t know where Connie C. is! And to answer your question, I am around…cannot do much of anything with my right arm….severe shoulder injury!…still recuperating!

    Jun 19, 2010 | 8:31 am

  33. Connie C says:

    Welcome to the club betty Q , finally! and I thought there must really be something wrong. I, too, am nursing a right shoulder injury as well as hubby, but I can manage to type. Wish you well.

    Jun 19, 2010 | 5:13 pm

  34. natie says:

    Bettyq!!! was wondering about you…you were missed. get your needed rest.

    Jun 19, 2010 | 7:07 pm

  35. mardie c",) says:

    cute frog photo. look at how its hands seem like guarding its territory like trying to say, “this is mine, get out!” LOLZ
    betty q, rest well…. so nice to hear back from you after a looonngg time :)

    Jun 19, 2010 | 9:25 pm

  36. Footloose says:

    Get well quickly BettyQ. You may use your left hand for wielding the knife.

    Jun 20, 2010 | 2:13 am

  37. kit says:

    mm, wait for the tiny tadpoles swimming in your pool

    Jun 20, 2010 | 7:03 pm

  38. scramoodles says:

    Hey, maybe the frog was a sign of good feng shui. Remember those gold painted porcelains of frogs decked with jewels? Maybe you should have tried putting a few pieces of coins in its mouth too :D Love to kid ya mm!

    Jun 22, 2010 | 1:01 am

  39. Alan says:

    It’s a toad and not a frog. It’s secretes a toxin from those round glands behind its eyes. But it only does it as a last resort. The toxin is not really harmful to humans and large Mammals unless ingested in large quantities. That said, it may be harmful and even fatal to your smaller dogs and cats. Warts are rarely gotten from frogs and toads. Their skin only looks warty that is why this myth persists. It is easier to get warts by sharing clothing or towels or handshakes, or from walking barefoot at the locker room or shower at your local gym or country club, than from any toad or frog.

    Jun 24, 2010 | 12:52 am

  40. eight says:

    farm frogs.. yummy! :)

    Aug 6, 2010 | 12:44 am

  41. sasha says:

    it’s a toad i like frogs than toads
    because is frog is yummy…

    Mar 29, 2011 | 1:11 pm


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