08 Dec2008


I wrote about the Little Brown Book last year, a fund-raising effort for scholarships and other capital expenses at a private (but non-profit) school that Mrs. MM and I have been helping with for the past 8-9 years. The 2009 Agenda features a directory of food sources that is pretty darned impressive… from different types of foods to caterers to purveyors, etc. It’s the ultimate source or guide to anything food or home related, and often mother/father tested… The food directory has a sub-category for lechon purveyors with 9 different sources, or 10 sources for ordering roasts and carvings. The sweets listings are equally stunning, with 7 sources for Food for the Gods alone! For parties there are sources for music, tents, photographers, etc. And finally a pretty good list of restaurants and take out or delivery sources.


If you would like to acquire a Little Brown Book, here are their contact details:

Price PHP399 per Little Brown Book, and a PHP100 if you want an optional recipe booklet as well.
Contact Mae at 0905 302 6868
Pick-up dates are December 10, 12, 17, 19 (8am – 2:30pm)
If you text Mae, please don’t forget to give your name so she can tell the texts apart.


These would make terrific Christmas presents as well. A steal at PHP399 per copy; but hurry, they only printed a limited run this year. And no, Marketman has no commercial interest whatsoever from placing this announcement. I am just doing the PTA and the beneficiary school a favor… Thanks!




  1. amy says:

    Hope to get my copies first thing Wed! :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

    Dec 8, 2008 | 9:14 am


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  3. greasemonkey says:

    just ordered a pair! thanks MM! i’ve been waiting for this since i wasn’t able to get a copy last year! do you think this year’s edition is better? just curious… =)

    Dec 8, 2008 | 11:35 am

  4. Artisan Chocolatier says:

    Is Marketman listed as one of the purveyors for lechon? hehehehe

    Dec 8, 2008 | 1:35 pm

  5. Quillene says:


    Just placed an order. 2 in fact. I wonder where they will set the pick up point. I only have 10th available….

    Thanks, MM!

    Dec 8, 2008 | 3:44 pm

  6. joey says:

    Yay! I’ll text her tomorrow with my order! :)

    Dec 8, 2008 | 6:26 pm

  7. traci says:

    Hi MM,

    Any review on the recipe book?

    Dec 8, 2008 | 7:38 pm

  8. marissewalangkaparis says:

    Oooooo…gotta get one…

    Dec 8, 2008 | 7:50 pm

  9. fern says:

    i just placed my order… it is truly happy and yummy christmas…

    Dec 8, 2008 | 9:10 pm

  10. joseph javellana says:

    where would be the pick up oint f we ordered a copy??

    Dec 8, 2008 | 10:20 pm

  11. kitkathie says:

    just texted Mae. Do you have any drop off points near Quezon city area? M coming from Bulacan. Thanks.

    Dec 8, 2008 | 10:25 pm

  12. Marketman says:

    joseph, pls. text number to find out pick-up details (it’s near makati)…thanks! traci, recipes are from parents at the school… a mish mash of family favorites.

    Dec 8, 2008 | 10:26 pm

  13. Maria Clara says:

    Sounds like a Who’s Who in various trades put together into one handy book. Definitely a must have one! Good profile sources for busy folks! Love geometric cover.

    Dec 9, 2008 | 3:19 am

  14. Edik says:

    hey MM, is this available in cebu?

    Dec 9, 2008 | 8:18 am

  15. Marketman says:

    Edik, unfortunately, it is not, and the list of suppliers is mostly for Manila and surrounding areas…

    Dec 9, 2008 | 8:28 am

  16. ging berdon says:

    why don’t we make one for Cebu? I’m sure that would be a hit too. I got my list of little known but fantastic food sources from Gracious Living, the Mag that Maria Luisa Estate Parks publishes. They are much more expensive than those items (empanada, cakes and pastries, tortas, tableya, etc) commercially available but also incredibly impressive!

    Dec 9, 2008 | 8:36 am

  17. Mae says:

    Please send complete name and number of orders. For the Little Brown Book and Recipe Book. Specify if it you want a pair of the LBB and Recipe booklet or just the LBB. I’m getting confused with some of the orders that don’t give names. All information are stated here already. Sorry I cannot accommodate voice calls as I am busy at work at the moment. Please send text messages only. I will answer all your text message as soon as I can. The place of the pick-up will be announced. Thank you. Mae.

    Dec 9, 2008 | 10:20 am

  18. Belli's Silly Mama says:

    Mae’s not answering the cell… Is there another number I can call? :D I wanted to get this last year but forgot all about it because I gave birth a week before christmas…

    Dec 9, 2008 | 10:21 am

  19. moni says:

    I texted Mae to reserve two copies of the Little Brown Book and I also asked if it’s possible to pick up my copies on Dec. 22 coz that’s when I go to Manila. Her reply: “Your order(s) are listed. Please wait for further details on when where you can pick up the books. Thank u.” I dropped names in my text: “I am Marketman’s fan and I wud like to order …” MM, does Mae know you as the Marketman?

    Dec 10, 2008 | 7:30 am

  20. marissewalangkaparis says:

    I ordered as soon as I read this post and even if it was very late Mae replied right away. She texted today that she has three pick up dates-if it will help to those who ordered – Dec 12,17 and 19 8am to 2:30 pm only. PCPD Building 2332 Pasong Tamo Ext,Taguig. After DPC and Petron near gate 3 of Fort Bonifacio.

    Dec 10, 2008 | 5:27 pm

  21. Clark says:

    I texted Mae twice today and did not receive any reply. Disappointing.

    Dec 10, 2008 | 10:40 pm

  22. Mae says:

    clark, I’ve responded to every single text I received today. I have other work aside from this. If you didn’t include your name, # of orders. Well I could not reply to you.

    Dec 11, 2008 | 4:10 pm

  23. Mae says:

    To those who received a confirmation text message to where/when you can pick-up the LBB/Recipe booklet,we are strictly implementing it as we will be ending work on the 19th. Thank you

    Dec 11, 2008 | 4:14 pm

  24. Thaddeus Pe Benito says:

    thanks, mae! my LBB’s on its way to baguio now.

    our gofer just texted that she has already picked up my copy despite the hassles posed by the rally in makati. bless her soul.

    Dec 12, 2008 | 1:07 pm

  25. Lei says:

    got my copy of the little brown book, together with the recipe booklet. noticed that the recipe booklet has several touches definitely coming from MM! =)

    Dec 12, 2008 | 1:49 pm

  26. MJ says:

    I texted Mae 3x yesterday, and once today with my complete details and orders, but i never got a reply. Any reply would have been very much appreciated. :(

    Dec 19, 2008 | 12:41 pm


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