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“No Reservations, Philippines” Showing on Local Cable Stations

12 Oct, 2009

Finally, some 8 months after the episode aired in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world last February, the episode of No Reservations, with Anthony Bourdain in the Philippines, (and a short segment with Marketman’s lechon) will air this week in Manila and elsewhere in Southeast Asia. Please check the Discovery Travel &…

Full Menu of The No Reservations Philippines Lechon Lunch, Cebu

17 Feb, 2009

Several folks have asked what was on the menu when Mr. Bourdain came to Cebu for lechon/inasal. Below is the summary that I sent the show’s producers and it details all of the food that was available that day. :)

No Reservations Philippines, Now Showing…

17 Feb, 2009

The episode of No Reservations Philippines with Anthony Bourdain is showing in North America as I release this post. I suspect some new readers will find their way to this blog if they google some background information on the show. I don’t think Mr. Bourdain ever refers to me as Marketman or…

Don’t Forget, No Reservations, Philippines!!!

17 Feb, 2009

Tonight is the night in North America. No Reservations Philippines episode is scheduled to air at 10pm eastern and 7pm on the west coast, Monday night, the 16th. I hope it does a nice job of showcasing Filipino food. With a large proportion of readers of based in North America,…

No Reservations Philippines, February 16th!!!

01 Feb, 2009

Two weeks from now, the episode of No Reservations Philippines with Anthony Bourdain is scheduled to air at 10p.m., Eastern Time, according to the Travel Channel TV schedule posted on their website. I am so excited, and I can’t even watch it from the Philippines! :( But at any rate, more than…

No Reservations

29 Sep, 2007

We just got back from the movie “No Reservations” with Catherine Zeta Jones… I enjoyed it immensely and it was the perfect antidote to a very, very busy (exhausting) week. The last time there was a food related movie in town, Ratatouille, a reader likened me to Anton Ego, and I must say,…

The Eyeball is On… Reservations Start Tuesday at 12noon.

06 Jun, 2011

Readers, guests, friends and family who attend the marketmanila eyeball in Cebu on June 25th will be among the first few people to taste the dish in the photo above. I will not divulge what it is until you are in the restaurant. It isn’t complicated at all. Just a twist…

Why Doesn’t Everyone Just Strive to be Better, not BITTER?

03 Feb, 2017

There is so much vitriol and hatred on social media these days. I’m not sure why, but it’s a relatively recent phenomenon that’s perhaps fed by a lack of appreciation for facts, a lack of critical analysis, a lack of accountability and the bravado that comes with a veil of anonymity. I…


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