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Duhat Shakes/Smoothies are Back!

19 Mar, 2014

It certainly looks like this is one of those years where there will be a bumper crop of lomboy or duhat in Cebu!

Duhat Shakes a la Marketman

07 May, 2012

This may strike some of you as being a bit bizarre, but you just might be surprised!

An Avalanche of Duhat…

07 May, 2012

A few nights ago, it started with a single little thump on the roof above our bedroom.

Duhat in Season!

14 May, 2009

A quick semi-contrite apology to all of you abroad and without access to tropical fruit… IT’S DUHAT TIME. :) I LOVE duhat. And when I lived in the West, I think I went 12 or 13 years without that astringent, mouth-drying experience followed by the juicy sweet and sour fruit, often enjoyed…

Hand-Rolled Cigarettes, Duhat Leaves and Tobacco

30 Apr, 2008

I don’t smoke. But I stopped in my tracks at the Bogo market when I passed by a stall with bunches of whole dried tobacco leaves and what looked like pre-made cigarette wrappers which nearly the color of the tobacco and not white or pale like commercial cigarettes… An older lady, who…

Duhat / Lomboy with Sugar or Salt

09 Jun, 2007

It is duhat season in a big, big way around our home in Batangas. For some reason, there are years when duhat trees bear a minimal amount of fruit, and then there are years when they are just heavily laden with thousands and thousands of fruit. I am not sure if it has…

Chicken & Pork Adobo with Duhat Balsamic Vinegar a la Trish

01 Nov, 2006

The photos don’t do the dish much justice, but the flavor was a knockout! I did an earlier post on “Balsamic Vinegar” from Ilocos made from duhat, and one of Marketmanila’s readers, trishlovesbread, suggested that I might try it with adobo. So I did. And since today is the “trek to…

Mangosteen and Duhat Vinaigrette a la Gigi

26 Oct, 2006

Taking inspiration from a long-time reader and commenter, Gigi, I quickly concocted this unusual mangosteen vinaigrette. Take a mixing bottle and add several spoonfuls of mangosteen jelly (no seeds), add some duhat vinegar, three times the amount of olive oil, salt and pepper and shake vigorously. It was surprisingly good. However,…


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