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Zubulumpia Ubod a la Marketman

12 Mar, 2011

Packed with flavor and a richness only lard can provide, these lumpiang ubod or spring rolls with sauteed hearts of palm were totally scrumptious. Start off by buying a kilo or so of the freshest and prime-est ubod you can find. Not the tough, pithy outer pieces, but rather the most central…

Lumpia Ubod a la Manang Laida

17 Mar, 2009

Our first meal in Bacolod, the night before, featured some wonderfully flavorful lumpiang ubod. They were unusual for me in that the filling was rather dark, and they had a seriously garlicky punch but a very smooth and modulated filling. They weren’t shrimpy or fishy at all as lumpia ubod can be…

Thin Lumpia Ubod Wrappers / Fresh Spring Roll Wrappers

05 Oct, 2006

Here is my latest culinary obsession…how to make the thinnest lumpia ubod (heart of palm spring rolls)wrappers. I have featured a lumpia ubod recipe before, using an easier, and frankly, more commonly used recipe for the wrappers that includes egg and results in a crepe-like wrapper for an already super rich filling. …

Lumpiang Ubod

27 Jul, 2006

I was clearing out an old ancestral house of my parents a few months ago and came across these great shots of my mom with a platter of her “famous” lumpiang ubod. I put them away and forgot about them until last week when my daughter’s homework was do a family tree…

Greens & Blossoms Lumpia, Cooked and Uncooked :)

16 Jan, 2015

Reader and commenter Greens & Blossoms was one of the guests to the mini-eyeball at the beach a few months back.

Ngo Yong or Ngohiong (Cebu Style Lumpia with Five Spice Powder) a la Marketman

21 Apr, 2012

Quintessential street food in Cebu.

Marketman’s Quest For The Thinnest Lumpia Wrappers…

25 Aug, 2010

For many years, one my food “quests” has been to learn how to make the thinnest lumpia wrappers. Freshly made, they were to envelope freshly cut heart of palm (ubod) stewed in lard. The ultimate lumpiang ubod. I have tried at least a dozen recipes for lumpia wrapper, and they always…

Ready to Fry Bean Sprout Lumpia

05 Mar, 2009

I spotted these plump, peeled and barely sprouted mung beans at the Burgos market in Bacolod. I asked what they were used for and they said fried lumpia, and other dishes with vegetables. I always liked fried lumpia with bean sprouts, but I didn’t like the fact that the mature bean sprouts…


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